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Hawaii Forest and Trail Ecotours

Hawaii Forest and Trail

Hawaii has some amazing forests and trails! Hawaii Forest and Trail Ecotours are fabulous! Mauna Kea Tours in Hilo is excellent! Hawaii Forest and

Trail provides an inspiring walk! Hawaii Activities is awesome! Hawaii Discount offers good prices and satisfaction.

Hawaii gives you a remarkable experience! Hawaii Forest and Trail Ecotours are great views of trees and animals! Mauna Kea Tours in Hilo is pure fun! Hawaii Forest andTrail provides good time away! Hawaii Activities is break taking! Hawaii Discount offers splendid rates and choices for destination!

Mauna Kea tours are absolutely tremendous! Come along as we explore two rare habitats: the cloud mist kipuka rainforest on Mauna Loa and the sub-alpine dry forest of Puu Laau on Mauna Kea.The Hawaiian Forest and Trail offer overwhelming sites. There is a Hawaiian proverb - ola i ka wai a ka ' opua - that tells us "there is life in the rain." Rain also gives us the resplendent countryside and plentiful waterfalls of Kohala. Nowhere in Hawaii is the importance and story of water more evident than here in the lands of Kamehameha. In its eternal cycle, water continues to shape a dramatic landscape of valleys, streams and cliffs. And these same waters reveal the history and culture of Kohala.

The Drive: The tour begins with a wonderful drive of contrast and change from the dry-side resort area to the lush green country of Kohala. Along the way you'll journey up the Kona/Kohala coastline over lava flows from Mauna Loa, Mauna Kea and the Kohala Mountains. Often from the shoreline you are able to see splashing spinner dolphins, or in the winter months breaching humpback whales. You'll pass through the quaint plantation towns of Hawi and Kapa'au, site of the life-size statue of King Kamahameha the First. At the end of the road a brief rest stop at the historic Kohala Mule Station offers one of Hawaii's most spectacular coastal views. And then the real fun begins with a bumpy but short four-wheel drive on an old cane road over private ranchland to our trailhead.

Enjoy the off road experience of Hawaiian Forest and Trail. Explore the remote Pololu Valley on the northern tip of the Big Island aboard our rugged off-road Pinzgauer vehicles. Witness the life-giving and land-sculpting power of water, as we ramble through a changing landscape of rushing streams, towering ocean cliffs and cascading waterfalls.  See how people throughout history have lived off the power of water, from the terraced taro lo’i of Hawaiians to the fast moving irrigation ditches of Kohala sugar plantations.   We’ll even have time to kick off our shoes and take a dip in a cool mountain pool!  Morning and afternoon tours daily from the historic Kohala Mule Station at Pololu Valley.  Ages 6 and up.

Hawaii gives you a grand time! Hawaii Forest and Trail Ecotours are humbling! Mauna Kea Tours in Hilo is magnificent! Hawaii Forest and

Trail provides wonderful