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Capt Andys Na Pali Catamaran

Capt Andys Snorkel Cruise, Captain Andys Dinner Cruise and Capt Andys Napali Snorkeling Cruise are a few of the many Kauai Activities offered through Hawaii Discount.  With Capt Andys Sailing and the Na Pali Catamaran, it’s a win-win situation.  There’s fun for the whole family!  Kauai Activities from Hawaii Discount bring you the most in savings and excitement!  Book Capt Andys Snorkel Cruise with Captain Andys in Kauai today for experiences of a lifetime! 

Capt Andys in Kauai has been around since 1980.  Capt Andys team of experts have provided top-notch tours to the beautiful coast of Na Pali for 28 years!  To make the most of your Kauai Activities, book a tour on the Na Pali Catamaran with Capt Andys Sailing today on Hawaii Discount!  With so many options like Capt Andys Snorkel Cruise, Captain Andys Dinner Cruise and Capt Andys Napali Snorkeling Cruise, it’ll be easy to choose your Kauai Activities on Hawaii Discount.  No other team can get you and your loved ones smiling so easily as Capt Andys Sailing! 

With Captain Andys in Kauai and Hawaii Discount, you could even have a family reunion on the Na Pali Catamaran- it holds around 49 people!  Capt Andys in Kauai is one of the three main Na Pali Catamaran charters on the island and discounted pricing is available only on Hawaii Discount for these Kauai Activities.  For those looking for romance, Captain Andys Dinner Cruise is ideal.  Those searching for adventure will be thoroughly satisfied with either Capt Andys Sailing or Capt Andys Snorkel Cruise!  To experience the marine life up close in Hawaii is a treat so be sure to book your Capt Andys Snorkeling Cruise among other Kauai Activities with Hawaii Discount!  Capt Andys Charters and Hawaii Discount offers some of the best Kauai snorkeling not to mention other Kauai activities on Na Pali Catamaran.