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Magic of Polynesia

Magic of Polynesia provides fun for everyone. Hawaii Activities, Oahu Activities are ways to enjoy the islands. Thrilling adventures start once you embark on Hawaii Tours, Oahu Tours. See dancing and singing through Hawaii Entertainment, Oahu Entertainment. Hawaii Discount is your markdown of a lifetime! Reserve the best prices when you reserve Hawaii Activities, Oahu Activities, Hawaii Tours and Oahu Tours with Hawaii Discount.  End a fun Hawaiian day with Hawaii Entertainment and Oahu Entertainment. Hawaii Discount offers a variety of shows, Hawaii Entertainment and Oahu Entertainment.  Reserve Magic of Polynesia, Hawaii Activities and Oahu Activities with Hawaii Discount today! Hawaii Discount has the low price guarantee on Oahu Activities and Hawaii Activities.

Magic of Polynesia is exciting and dazzling Oahu Entertainment. Hawaii Activities, Oahu Activities allow change of pace! Experience Hawaii Tours and Oahu Tours.  Hawaii Discount has amazing Oahu Activities, Hawaii Entertainment and Oahu Entertainment. 

Fire Dancer at the Magic of Polynesia Luau

Here is a great video of the fire dancer at the Magic of Polynesia luau - one of the premier Oahu luaus.

Experience the Magic of Polynesia, Hawaii's "must see" stage spectacular! Hawaii Entertainment that's mystical, romantic, majestic and exotic all at the same time. At Magic of Polynesia witness expert hula, chanting and song by one of Hawaii's most talented performing troupes. Sit mesmerized as they illustrate the history and lore of the Islands. Absorb this unique Oahu Entertainment conveyed with the magic of internationally acclaimed illusionist John Hirokawa, winner of the International Magicians Society "Most Original" Merlin Award - the Oscar of Magic. These Hawaii Activities offer humor, nail-biting suspense, mystifying escapes and more.  Magic of Polynesia is Hawaii Entertainment, Oahu Entertainment for audiences of all ages!  Make time for this Hawaii Entertainment when planning your Hawaii Activities and Oahu Activities.

Set in the comfort of Waikiki's premier dinner theater, Magic of Polynesia delivers on its billing as the Ultimate Stage Spectacular. It is Hawaii Entertainment that dazzles with light, sound and action from start to finish…from the primitive torches of a Polynesian fire dancer to the sophisticated special effects of lasers and sound when simulating a volcano erupting and in other magical illusions.

Magic of Polynesia offers the option of regular or deluxe dinner packages or choose to enjoy the show without dinner.  The Waikiki Beachcomber Hotel showroom is the location for the Magic of Polynesia Hawaii Entertainment.  Don't miss out on these fun Oahu Activities, Oahu Entertainment and Hawaii Activities.

Magic of Polynesia is incredible Oahu Entertainment. Hawaii Activities and Oahu Activities are awesome.  Hawaii Tours, Oahu Tours are great for sight seeing! Shows and ambience is what Hawaii Entertainment, Oahu Entertainment provides. Hawaii Discount makes the island a playground!  Contact Hawaii Discount with your questions regarding Hawaii Activities, Hawaii Entertainment, Oahu Activities and Oahu Entertainment. When planning Hawaii Activities and Oahu Activities simply remember Hawaii Discount.