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Evening Volcano Explorer

KapohoKine Adventures Evening Volcano Explorer

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The Evening Volcano Explorer tour with KapohoKine Adventures offers an opportunity to see the Kilauea Volcano and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park during the evening hours and even past sunset! The Evening Volcano Explorer is offered for those coming from Kona or Hilo.


You’ll hike through a Natural Area Reserve forest where native plants and birds can be found. There’s also a visit to the Punalu’u black sand beach where giant sea turtles frequent. Once you arrive at the Volcanoes National Park, your Park Ranger guide will take you to the highlights of the Park. You’ll have the opportunity to see active volcanic craters, steam vents, the Historic Jaggar Museum, and more. As the sun sets you’ll want to keep an eye out for the glow of current volcanic activity, a sight you’ll never forget on your trip to Big Island, before the return trip to Kona. This tour is approximately 9 hours long.

Stops on the Evening Volcano Explorer from Kona
**All stops are subject to change without notice, especially due to safety regulations and changes in volcanic activity or sulfur emissions.  Picnic Lunch and Dinner included

  • The drive from Kona is usually on Saddle Road between Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea.
  • Manuka
  • Punaluu Bakery
  • Punaluu BSB
  • Stop for dinner
  • Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (Thurston/Iki, steam vents, Kilauea Overlook, Jaggar Museum)
  • The drive back to Kona is usually via the southern side of the Island


Your Evening Volcano Explorer tour will start at the KapohoKine Adventures’ store in downtown Hilo. There you can stock up on Patagonia gear, Keen gear, Columbia gear, or start with an indoor climbing wall. Once you board the tour vehicle, we’ll be hitting the road. You’ll have a chance to see the black basalt lava flows in Kalapana, a village that once lay in the path of the advancing lava flow just a few years ago and was completely destroyed. Then you’ll be taken to the newest black sand beach and recent lava flows. This walk shows you how the lava engulfed everything in its path including the Kaimu Bay and an area that was once one of the best swimming beaches on Hawaii Island. Then it’s back on the bus which takes you (when possible) over the lava flows that overran the highway. You’ll also get to see the historical Painted Church, the first home in Hawaii of Saint Damien, which is now decommissioned. This church was actually moved TWICE by local villagers to protect it from advancing molten lava flows that threatened to destroy it. Finally you’ll make it the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to see the highlights of the volcanic areas, active volcanic craters, steam vents, and see the Jaggar Museum. As the sun sets watch for the glow of volcanic activity before returning to Hilo. Dinner is included. This tour is approximately 6 hours.

Stops on the Evening Volcano Explorer from Hilo
**All stops are subject to change without notice, especially due to safety regulations and changes in volcanic activity.  Dinner included

  • Kalapana
  • Coast line areas of Kaimu Bay
  • The Painted Church
  • Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (Thurston/Iki, steam vents, Kilauea Overlook, Jaggar Museum)

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Group Hawaii Tours
Setting Land
Activity Type Volcano Tours
Vendors KapohoKine Adventures
Island Big Island
Requirements Guests should be able to negotiate stairs and walk for 20 minutes unassisted. State law requires child safety seats for all guests under 4 years of age. Booster seats required for all guests between ages 4 and 7 and under 4 feet 9 inches tall and 80 pounds weight (we’re happy to supply child safety or booster seats at no charge with advance notice). Guests under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult
Operation Days daily
Restrictions Volcanic emissions, including sulfur gas, may affect those with respiratory concerns. Participants should be prepared for immediate evacuation in accordance with directions given by County, State or Federal officials.
Where And When Pick ups are available from Kona at set locations depending on where you are staying. KapohoKine Adventures Office 224 Kamehameha Ave Suite 106, Hilo Next door to the Historic Palace Theater View Map
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