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Oahu Helicopter Tours

Not for the faint hearted, Oahu Hawaii Helicopter Tours as offered through Hawaii Discount are the best way to capture Oahu!  Taking Oahu Helicopter Rides are sure to be the highlight of your Hawaii vacations and when booking your Oahu Helicopter Tours through Hawaii Discount, you’re sure to save as well! All of our Oahu Helicopters have the best maintenance and pilots possible in the industry, ensuring only the safest- best- times for our passengers!  Reserve Oahu Hawaii Helicopter Tours with Hawaii Discount and enjoy the best views from Oahu Helicopters.  Oahu Helicopter rides with Oahu Helicopters are fun and exciting.  Oahu Helicopter Rides are popular Oahu Activities for Hawaii Vacations.

Oahu Helicopter Rides gives everyone a choice touring package: For the adventurers, you have your choice of Oahu Helicopter Tours showing you the entire island of Oahu, flying over volcanoes or taking in extinct reefs and protected waters of the coastlines; For the more mild passengers, you can select your Oahu Helicopter Tours to take you past the most popular tourist sites on Oahu. Experience the island via Oahu Helicopters. Reserve Oahu Helicopter Tours  and Oahu Activities with Hawaii Discount today.

Waikiki Beach From Oahu Helicopter Tour

The view of Oahu is amazing from a helicopter. Watch this video of a Waikiki helicopter tour and see for yourself.

From the air, passengers will have the chance to explore hidden Oahu like no other person; seeing coves, tropical rainforests, valleys and waterfalls from the ultimate vantage point of a helicopter! With our packages, you can choose from seeing sweeping ranches and white sandy beaches to flying over the extinct volcano where Pele allegedly made her home: Diamond Head.  The safety of a helicopter gives you the chance to fly with tropical birds, flying past crater formations, through valleys best known for the filming of “Jurassic Park” and other films, spying the world’s largest agricultural maze at the Dole Plantation and encountering where ancient Hawaiians gave birth in the areas of the birthing stones.
For our Oahu Helicopter Tours, please remember that Tours are subject to weather advisories. Our pilots will select the best and safest paths to take our passengers on for the most beautiful vistas to view. We also require each passenger to sign a liability waiver before boarding. Federal aviation regulations require all helicopter operators to weigh every passenger and their personal items before boarding a flight. Any persons and their items weighing 250 lbs or over may be subject to additional charges.