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4 of the Best Beach Bars in Oahu

Beach bars in Oahu are the best way to relax after a day under the gorgeous Hawaii sun.

Whether you’re the Mai Tai sipping sort, or you’re simply searching for a nice cold glass of brew, Oahu has some of the best beach bars around.

There are posh hotel options with all of the fancy trimmings, as well as casual stops that quite literally put the sand between your toes.

Whatever type of place you’re looking for, Oahu has you covered.

Here are 4 of the best beach bars in Oahu.

1. House Without a Key

The subject of Charlie Chan’s 1925 novel of the same name, House Without a Key is more than just your typical bar.

Nestled alongside stunning Waikiki Beach, this oceanfront location offers daytime guests a casual open-air patio where they can watch surfers weave through the water as they sip on one of the best Mai Tai’s they’ll ever taste. Available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, their food menu is inspired by decadent local Hawaiian ingredients.

As the sun settles into the ocean and day becomes night, you will be entertained by the divine art of hula as five former Miss Hawaii winners take the stage for your enjoyment.

House Without a Key is more than just a bar…it’s an experience.

2. Kona Brewing Company

Are you interested in trying a cold glass of brew that’s truly Hawaiian?

Look no further than the waterfront Koko Marina location of the Kona Brewing Company.

One of the only pubs on Oahu where you can pull up right in your boat, this island staple highlights the legendary taste of Kona beers. With raisable windows surrounding the property, you’ll get an up-close look at the Koko Marina and the splendid green mountains that provide an unforgettable backdrop.

Love the beer you taste at the Kona Brewing Company? Be sure to talk to their staff about ordering some to take home.

3. Arnold’s Beach Bar

The last self-proclaimed “authentic tiki bar” on Waikiki, Arnold’s Beach Bar is a legendary hole in the wall that has kept locals coming back for years.

Decorated with vintage photographs and extraordinary totems, this spot truly imbibes the tiki culture. While it may not have a long list of fancy cocktails, it does offer classic drinks like a Mai Tai or Tiki Tea for a fraction of the cost of their competitors.

In the mood for something really special? Ask for one of Arnold’s tiki-styles mimosas, featuring indulgent coconut champagne, or one of their famous locally made rums.

With great musical acts every night, this place guarantees a good time.

4. Duke’s Waikiki

A barefoot bar of legendary proportions, this beachfront property offers a laid back atmosphere and spectacular drinks.

Named for the famous surfer, Duke Paoa Kahanamoku, Duke’s Waikiki knows a thing or two about keeping it casual. A popular option for locals and visitors alike, feel free to show up straight from the beach in your bikini or board shorts…shoes never required.

Duke’s menu includes classic cocktails and frozen treats that are sure to quench your thirst after a fun day frolicking in the dazzling Pacific Ocean.


These beach bars are sure to make your trip to Hawaii an unforgettable one.

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