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5 of the Best Family-Owned Maui Hotels

If you are looking for an intimate and homely stay on your Maui vacation, then family-owned Maui hotels can be one of the best ways to experience this island on a personal level.

While there are a number of high-end five-star resorts on the island, the family-owned and run hotels on the island have lots of character and history, not to mention, they have all of the luxuries the bigger hotels offer.

From beach-front hotels with great hospitality to historic inns in the middle of the Maui’s beautifully natural scenery, here are the top five family-owned hotels in Maui:

1. Seaside Hotels

Established by Hawaiian native and WWII veteran Richard Kimi in 1956, the ethos and success of this family-owned hotel has made the hotel one of the pioneers for local and independently run businesses in Hawaii.

Today, Kimi has a number of other Seaside hotels in Hawaii, including locations on the Big Island, but loyally retains the family-run approach to his hotel in Maui. With fantastic hospitality in a fantastic location, Seaside Hotels offer long-term suites which means you can really feel like you are at home, and you get excellent beach access, of course.

2. Inn at Mama’s Fish House

A family-owned restaurant established in 1973, Mama’s Fish House is a restaurant and an inn that is both famous for its food and for its accommodation.

The hotel is located in a coconut grove on the north shore of Maui and is right next to Hookipa Beach – one of the best beaches on the island for wind-surfing, kite-surfing and board-surfing.

It is close to one of Maui’s liveliest towns, Paia, which is full of bars, restaurants, grocery stores, shops, galleries, and cafes.

Despite its close proximity to the town, the hotel still feels peaceful, quiet and like home.

3. Old Wailuku Inn

Run by Janice and Thomas Fairbanks, the Old Wailuku Inn is a historic bed and breakfast listed on the Hawaii Registry of Historic Places.

The bright and charming rooms, great traditional breakfast, and 1920’s-style interior gives the hotel a distinct Old Hawaii feel.

Every room has something unique and special, with a Hawaiian quilt in the design of each room’s flower. The lovingly restored hotel feels cozy and welcoming, helped by the friendly owners and modern amenities that most of us cannot be without.

4. The Mauian Hotel at Napili Bay

Owned and operated by a Hawaiian family for a number of years, the 44-unit beachfront hotel has the perfect location, with some basic rooms and upgraded suites for those who want a little bit of luxury.

Great for families, the access to nearby Napili Bay is unbeatable, even the larger resorts don’t get this close.

The hotel also maintains a low-key ambience, great breakfast, and perfect interior decor and gardens.

5. Haiku Plantation Maui Bed and Breakfast

This family-owned and run hotel is located in the small town of Haiku, and is one of the last plantation towns on the island.

The quaint town offers a slice of the old Hawaii – with local eateries and shops to explore. The beautiful setting in up-country Maui is close to real working ranches, organic farms and other small plantation villages, most of which you are able to visit.


No matter what your vacation plans are, these family-run Maui hotels can give you a great vacation experience without resort prices.

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