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5 Fun, Cheap Kauai Activities to Try on Your Next Vacation

Kauai vacations aren’t free, but you can still find lots of fun, cheap Kauai activities to enjoy on your trip.

Water sports, beachcombing and hiking the majestic cliffs are just a few options for free or cheap Kauai Activities.

Here are some of the most popular “low-to-no” cash-flow activities to enjoy there:

Poipu Shopping Village

With “shopping” in the title, how much money you spend will be up to you…but Poipu Shopping Village has more to offer than just stores.

On special holidays, and for Koloa Plantation Days, visitors are treated to 100% free shows performed by Urahutia Productions, a Polynesian dance company.

With hips that sway to pulsing drumbeats, these women perform Tahitian dancing that captures the heart of the Polynesian culture and its people.

Spouting Horn

Spouting Horn is a blowhole located on Kauai’s south shore, near Koloa.

The blowhole shoots, on average, 50-foot high jets of water into the air whenever water is pushed under the lava shelf. The pressure forces seawater up through the hole, creating a spectacular site. It is among the most-photographed sites on the island.

Sunset is a popular time to visit Spouting Horn, since the brilliant colors of the setting sun tinge the water as it spews into the air. Other nearby blowholes make eerie groaning sounds when activated, only adding to the spectacle.

Moir Gardens

The Moir Gardens offer 35 acres of drought-tolerant botanical wonders. These gardens are located on the Outrigger Kiahuna Plantation and are free to the public.

Decades ago, the garden was named as one of the top cactus gardens in the world, so anyone who has an interest in botany should stop by. Visitors to the gardens will be able to see a variety of plantlife, from orchids to cactii to water lily ponds.

Kauai Farmers Markets

Like other Hawaiian Islands, Kauai has some fantastic farmers markets to choose from. They are held all across the island and you can find one pretty much every day of the week.

Here are a few towns that hold farmers markets:

  • Koloa
  • Kapaa
  • Kaleho
  • Kilauea
  • Lihue
  • Waipa

And more!

For more details on Kauai farmers markets near you, ask around the town you’re staying in or hop onto your favorite search engine.

Kauai Waterfalls

There are many gorgeous waterfalls throughout the Garden Island and most are easy to get to.

For tourists who want to see a waterfall in Kauai, Wailua Falls is a good starting place. This is one of the most beautiful.

Opaekaa Falls is also quite popular, and easily accessible from Highway 56. Like Wailua Falls, it is visible from an overlook, so you don’t need to take a tour or a hike.

If you visit Waimea Canyon, Waipoo Falls is one you’ll most certainly see. This 800-foot waterfall is visible from two separate lookouts on Highway 550, and it can also be seen by hiking the Canyon Trail.


These fun, cheap Kauai activities are just scratching the surface of what this island has to offer the vacationer.

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