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5 Top Hikes in Kauai

Kauai is one of the most rugged and beautiful islands in Hawaii – with its craggy coastline, wild volcanic landscape, canyons, glorious waterfalls, and extensive rainforest, every hiker probably wants to know the top hikes in Kauai.

After all, the natural wonders of the island are far better experienced by pulling on your walking boots and going for a hike.

The island has hundreds of hiking trails for every level of experience, from newbies to seasoned, experienced hikers. And some companies even offer guided hikes.

Get to grips with the island as the hikers paradise that it is with these 5 top hikes in Kauai:

1. Kalihiwai Falls

This trail, led by Princeville Ranch Adventures, takes you through the Green Hill.

It offers ocean views, walks the lowland rainforest, and takes you through the Kalihiwai Valley to finally reach the spectacular five-tiered Kalihiwai Falls. The walk takes around three hours and is over four miles, it also includes a well-deserved swim in the waterfall’s swimming hole.

Rated as moderately strenuous, the walk is great for beginners to intermediates but does include a ten-foot rock wall descent (all with professional help).

2. Awaawapuhi Trail

This elevated trail starts at 4,120 feet in the Kokee State Park and crosses the valley rim of Nualolo and Awaawapuhi valleys.

The Awaawapuhi trail leads you through rainforest, high desert, and some of the most beautiful views of Kauai’s Napali Coast. You can enjoy the incredible wildlife in the Napali Forest Reserve and spot native plant species as you walk.

The trail is entirely downhill, and is rated as moderately strenuous.

3. Waipoo Falls

Take a cliff trail to the 800-foot-tall Waipoo Falls on this canyon hike.

Starting in the forested lands of the Halemanu Canyon, the moderate to easy hike is tranquil and beautiful. Enjoy views of the spectacular canyon and Kokee rainforest before ending up at the waterfall.

A great time to complete the hike is during the summer months, when it is possible to swim beneath the falls in a swimming hole.

4. Kalalau Trail

One of the most difficult hikes in Kauai, the Kalalau Trail is also one of the most rewarding.

The path follows the ancient Hawaiians along 11 miles of coastline, and is the only land access to the Napali Coast. The piece of the trail beyond Hanakapiai is for experienced hikers only – it involves a challenging cross across the river, which should not be attempted during heavy rains.

You can also extend the hike to include a visit to Hanakapiai Falls, which would make the trek a total of eight miles.

5. Kukui Trail

Take in part of the Iliau Nature Loop Trail and the stunning Waimea Canyon on the Kukui Trail.

The trail is mostly used by hunters and you may come across free horses as you walk. A moderate hike, the trail offers exceptional views across the canyon, as well as beautiful waterfalls. You may also see some wild goats on this trail that also takes in forested areas, the breathtaking Waialae Falls that reach the valley floor, and the Waimea River.

The trek is five miles long and has a steep ascent, so it can be a little difficult in the hot and sunny weather.


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