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5 More Unbeatable Japanese Restaurants in Oahu

There are countless Japanese restaurants in Oahu.

But time is limited, so which ones should you choose?

When it comes to a Hawaiian vacation, indulging your sense of taste should be at the top of your priority list.

Whether you’re interested in a casual bento box or an upscale dining experience, the following 5 Japanese restaurants in Oahu offer some of the best flavors across the island.

1. Fukuya Deli

Since its opening in 1939, this okazuya and catering company has become a long-standing tradition on Oahu.

At Fukuya Deli, everything is made fresh daily from the finest ingredients. Guests will have the opportunity to build their own bento boxes with local favorites, such as:

  • Ahi Burgers
  • Shoyu Chicken
  • Shrimp Tempura

Okazuya-style eateries have become a well-rooted part of Hawaiian cuisine and Fukuya Deli is one of the most popular Japanese restaurants in Oahu.

2. Gomaichi

At Gomaichi in Honolulu, you will quickly learn that ramen is about more than cheap noodles from a plastic pouch.

Founded in 1995, this restaurant is grounded in the art of making Japanese noodle dishes. They are not only famous for their enticing ramen selections, but they are also known for offering classic tantan men noodles that can’t be found anywhere else on Oahu.

Made from the highest-quality ingredients, the delicacies found at Gomaichi should not be missed.

3. Marukame

Your trip to Oahu will not be complete without the perfect bowl of udon.

At Marukame Udon & Tempura, the noodles are handmade daily using only the best flours and ingredients. From inception to preparation, each individual noodle has been carefully produced for the finest dishes available.

Settle down amidst Marukame’s industrial-style decor and get ready to experience one of Hawaii’s best Japanese food options. Some customer favorites are the Yama’s chili udon and kale udon.

4. Musubi Cafe

Consisting of grilled SPAM that’s been packed with white rice and wrapped in seaweed, SPAM Musubi is a favorite snack amongst Hawaiian locals. Musubi Cafe has embraced this technique and offers its guests a variety of musubi-style (or onigiri) selections, like the following:

  • Spicy Cod Roe & Salmon
  • Fried Chicken & Mayo
  • Double Tune & Mayo
  • Avocado, Bacon & Egg, with SPAM

In addition to their musubi, this well-loved cafe also offers numerous different bento box choices for your enjoyment. And if you love the flavors at Musubi Cafe, don’t forget to grab a jar of their special marinade to bring home.

5. Odori-Ko

Offering a seamless blend of classic and contemporary flavors, Odori-Ko provides guests with an elegant setting and is one of the all-around best Japanese restaurants in Oahu.

The restaurant’s motto reads “Escape, Engage, Indulge” and the impressive setting, exemplary service, and delectable dishes at Odori-Ko allow you to do just that.

An extensive sushi list and specialty entrees, such as the Miso-Marinated Butterfish, are just a few of the great selections you’ll have to choose from.


These 5 restaurants are some of the best examples of Japanese restaurants in Oahu. Be sure to check them out on your next visit to the island.

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