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The Best Surfing Spots in Maui

Every surfer that visits the Valley Isle will need to know the best surfing spots in Maui.

And while you may not immediately think of this Hawaiian Island as the center of the sport, it is actually a very important island for serious surfers looking for adventure and beginners looking for a good start.

Many surfers flock to Oahu’s north shore and skip Maui’s waves completely. This is partly because the waves in Maui need to be understood, and before you take to the sea you should learn more about the tides and dangers in Maui … especially if you aren’t taking lessons on the island.

However, there is also some great news about surfing in Maui…

The water is warm all year round and is only slightly cooler during the winter months. The ocean is also extremely clear – which means you have better chances of seeing some of the sea’s most incredible creatures, including sea turtles and tropical fish.

The other great thing about surfing in Maui is that the island is so small that you can pretty much get anywhere within three hours. So if a spot isn’t working out for you, you can drive to the next one!

So to help you plan your Maui surfing itinerary we have put together a list of the best surfing spots in Maui:

Honolua Bay

This bay is very popular in the winter months, when the waves are enormous.

The point break area has been described by four-time world champion surfer Mark Richards as: “the ultimate wave; the best wave in the world.”

Small surf occurs here between October and April, and so timing at Honolua Bay is vital if you are after the “best wave in the world.” The bay itself is unspoiled and beautiful and has become popular among surfers all over the world.


Also known as “jaws” by local surfers, Peahi beach sees some big swells. Since the waves here are so large, surfers often have to be towed to the wave by a jet ski to surf them.

This style of surfing has become so popular in Peahi that it has become a sport in its own right known as “tow-in-surfing.” The area is probably the most popular spot for surfers on the island, although is only recommended for the most advanced surfers.

Ironwood Beach

If you are still a beginner, then it’s best to start at one of the calmer surf spots on beaches such as West Maui.

Here you can opt for surf lessons or try paddle boarding (which uses larger boards and a paddle) to ease yourself into the sport.

Located on the northern point of west Maui, Ironwood Beach is a great surf spot especially in the winter months.

Known for its big surf, the beach is usually pretty quiet and there aren’t usually many surfers either, which means you will often have the waves to yourself. While the surf is available to all levels, it’s important to watch out for sharp rocks and rip currents when surfing here.

Little Makaha

Another spot in the northern part of Maui, Little Makaha is located between Napili and Kapalua and is very close to Lahaina Town.

The spot is ideal for intermediate and advanced surfers, and is also a good spot for longboarding and funboards. The bottom of the ocean is covered in reefs, so be aware of sea urchins and rocks beneath your feet.

The island, especially Hookipa Beach, is also known for its windsurfing, if you prefer that. There are a number of surf camps dotted around the island, including Goofy Foot Surfing, for newbies looking to try surfing in Maui. Offering a number of lessons, from one-to-one to group lessons for beginners to intermediates, book here with Goofy Foot.


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