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What Are the Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Honolulu?

Looking for the best vegetarian restaurants in Honolulu? Look no further – this guide gives you the lowdown on the best places to chow down if you want to enjoy a plant-based diet on your next Hawaii vacation.

The city’s exceptional vegetarian and vegan eateries cater for all tastes, from the raw, vegan food at Green and Vines to the tasty vegetarian Vietnamese food at Loving Hut, there is something for everyone in Honolulu.

Even if you aren’t strictly vegetarian, you are going to love these greener than green dining joints in Honolulu:


Greens and Vines

909 Kapiolani Blvd

One of the best vegetarian restaurants in Honolulu, Greens and Vines specializes in raw food and vegan food and serves up some of the most exciting vegetarian cuisine in Hawaii.

The gourmet restaurant is a place everyone in Honolulu has to try at least once. Try the delicious living lasagna and various healthy, fresh and raw salads.


Simple Joy

1145 S King St

The plain and simple vegan establishment, Simple Joy, offers a wide variety of meals for all tastes. From pastas to fresh seafood, the restaurant creates dishes that you wouldn’t expect to find in a vegetarian eatery.

Although they sometimes use meat substitutes in some of the dishes, such as the marinara pasta with Italian sausage, the taste is always met with great reviews.


Loving Hut

1614 S King St

The Loving Hut is a favorite with the locals, offering up delicious vegetarian food that is familiar and homely.

The food is vegan, so it’s ideal for anyone who wants to avoid both meat and dairy. The flavor is a Vietnamese-Hawaiian mix and the restaurant has become known for its exceptional tofu dishes, such as the Moonlight Tofu Special. The independent restaurant has excellent service and a great attention to detail.


Aloha Salads

Downtown Honolulu, 1102 Bishop Street

Located in downtown Honolulu, the quick and friendly Aloha Salads is a great place to get a fresh and delicious salad on the go. Although this restaurant is not exclusively vegetarian, most of the salads are completely meat-free and they are large enough to satisfy you any time of the day.


Green Papaya Cafe

555 N King St Ste 108

The Asian vegetarian restaurant Green Papaya Cafe is a great place to experience some of Hawaii’s legendary Asian cuisine, but without the meat.

The restaurant also has a take out service, if you prefer to sip your vegetarian soup in your hotel room! Try the tofu/veg pho and the garden rolls and you will be astounded at the flavor this place has perfected.


Peace Cafe

2239 S King St

Popular with local people in Honolulu, Peace Cafe has a reputation for its delicious vegan soups, sandwiches and main dishes.

The soups are crammed pack with vegetables and everything is homemade and fresh. If you can only visit Peace Cafe once then make sure you try the Popeye sandwich, an enormous veggie sandwich with tofu.


Though there are plenty more vegan and vegetarian options in this metropolis, this guide offers some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Honolulu.

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