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Big Island Sportfishing Tours to Check Out on Your Next Hawaii Vacation

Big Island sortfishing tours are a great way to get out on the open ocean, enjoy Hawaii’s gorgeous weather, and catch some of the best fish in the world.

Whether you’re a veteran sportfisher or a complete beginner, these tours give you a chance to have an authentic sportfishing experience.

Why Take a Big Island Sportfishing Tour?

There are a few reasons to go on a sportfishing tour in Hawaii:

  • The fish here are amazing and unique.
  • The water and weather are astounding.
  • You’ll be in the hands of experienced guides, captains, and fisherman.
  • Fishing spots are close to the coast, so you can start fishing in minutes instead of hours.
  • Big Island sportfishing tours can often be customized for different periods of time, different group sizes, and so on.
  • All tours are led by safety-conscious experts who will look out for the well-being and health of their passengers.

If you choose the a Big Island sportfishing tour, you’re in luck – this island has some great spots and tour operators to choose from.

Here are a few of the best:

Top Big Island Sportfishing Tours to Try

Bite Me Sportfishing

Bite Me Sportfishing is an established, popular tour operator that gives you plenty of tours to choose from. Their professionally outfitted charters include all the gear you’ll need, plus a variety of amenities, from clean showers and restrooms to multimedia hookups.

Here are a few Bite Me Sportfishing tours to try:

  • The Bite Me 1 tour, a great choice for first-time visitors, takes you to the best spot close to the Big Island’s Kona Coast, Grander Alley. From marlin to ahi to yellowfish tuna, you’ll have an opportunity to catch some of Hawaii’s biggest, best deep sea fish. Bite Me 2 and Bite Me 3, like Bite Me 1, leave from Honokohau Harbor and operate in this great fishing spot.
  • The Bite Me 4 is a 38-foot Hatteras that offers plenty of seating, a covered top deck, and room for 6 passengers.
  • The Bite Me 5 is a 33-foot Island Hopper that’s perfect for any big game fishing adventure.
  • Last but not least, the Bite Me 6 is a 41-foot Hatteras sportfishing boat that has plenty of extra amenities, including a covered deck, sleeping quarters, air conditioning, and a digital video recorder.

Intrepid Sportfishing

Like other tour operators, Intrepid Sportfishing gives you the chance to experience the real deal in Hawaiian sportfishing.

You’re in good hands with Intrepid, a trusted tour operator that offers safety-conscious tour guides, expert fisherman and boatmen, all the gear you’ll need, plus plenty of convenient amenities, from air conditioning to snorkeling gear.

Camelot Sportfishing

Camelot Sportfishing is operated by two industry veterans, Captains Robert and Cyndee Hudson. They have competed and won numerous tournaments over the years.

And they’ve helped plenty of visitors bring in their own big game fish on their Big Island sportfishing tours.

To book a discounted tour with Camelot Sportfishing, visit their page at Hawaii Discount.


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