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Get Off the Beach with These Exciting Maui Activities

It’s always relaxing to spend time swimming and sunbathing on the beautiful beaches of Maui, but if you want some more exciting Maui activities, you’re in luck.

Maui also has a number of exciting activities for all of the thrill seekers out there who need a break from relaxing?

Some of these tours are more “exciting” than others – but all of them can done by anyone – experienced or not. What’s more, every activity gives you an extra insight into the beautiful island of Maui and its rich history and landscape, one that you would never be able to get from your sun lounger.

Here are a few of the best, most exciting Maui activities you can try on your next vacation.


Every Hawaiian island offers ziplining right now.

It’s the hottest adventure activity out there because it gives you unbeatable views of Maui’s rainforest, valleys, and waterfalls. And it’s completely safe. In fact, ziplining is a perfect activity for Maui thrill seekers of all ages.

Lead by professional instructors, all you have to do is follow their instructions. Before you know it, you will be whizzing through the sky. Choose from side-by-side ziplines and multiple zipline courses as a way to see more of the stunning island of Maui.

Wild Pig Hunt  

If you love to hunt, then this fun adventure is for you.

The wild pig hunt has been passed down from generations of Hawaiians who hunt wild pigs for food.

When you take a wild pig hunt, you can get off the beaten path and into the wild rural landscape of Maui on this authentic pig hunting experience. The location of the hunt depends on the season and the weather, and is always selected by expert hunters.

All of the pigs are completely wild and so making a catch is not a guarantee, although Lopaka’s Aloha Adventures has a high success rate.

If you are successful, then you are given the choice to tag it and set it free or harvest the pig.

Horseback Riding  

Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced rider, horseback tours through Maui’s stunning landscape are activities worth doing.

Choose from either Piiholo Ranch, which is located in Upcountry Maui at an elevation of 2,000 feet and offers panoramic views of Mount Haleakala. Or Mendes Ranch, which is located on the Kahakuloa Coast and offers an oceanfront ride with views of the West Maui Mountains, the ocean, and central Maui.

Led by experienced riders, the activity is a great way to see Maui the old-fashioned way without the noise and stir of a car or bus.

Scuba Diving

Maui – and all of the Hawaiian islands for that matter – are famed for their incredible sea creatures.

To experience this wildlife firsthand, scuba diving is the only way to go. Whether you are just starting out or you are already a technical diver, there’s certainly a scuba diving activity for you to try on the island of Maui.

All of the scuba diving equipment is top of the line and the company has a good ratio of experienced instructors to divers.

Just be aware than you cannot fly for 48 hours after diving and you must be over 10 years old to try.


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