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Hawaii Photo Tips: Taking the Perfect Pictures in Hawaii

Everyone wants to bring home the best memories from their Hawaii vacation, so we’ve collected a few Hawaii photo tips to help you out on your next trip…

We all think we are great at taking photos, until we look back at the collection of holiday snaps from our busy two-week vacation and realize that we barely captured any of it.

Taking fairly decent holiday photos with your family and friends in is one thing, but really capturing the landscape, nature and sites that you will visit while you are on your trip in Hawaii is another thing.

We aren’t saying you have to pick up photography as a hobby…but it might be an idea to take on board some of these Hawaii photo tips before you head off on your Hawaii vacation:

1. Pick the Right Time  

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to get your timings right.

Many photographers will take their best photos in the early morning or late afternoon when the sun is lower and the background is a little more subtle.

In photography terms this is known as the “magic hour.” Try to remember this when you are choosing your tours and making plans for your trip.

2. Divide up the Frame

If you are trying to photograph a large scene or beautiful waterfall or mountain, then it can be a little difficult to visualise your subject.

If you aren’t photographing a person then try to think of the image in thirds. Divide up your frame into three, now place the areas of interest in your real-life scene where these lines cross over.

3. Depth of Field

If you want to photograph two beautiful things and one is in the foreground and one is in the background then you can utilize something called “depth of field.”

This essentially means you make the object in the foreground look as sharp and important as the beautiful sunset, or whatever it may be, in the background. You can achieve this by using a smaller aperture or by adjusting the settings on your digital camera.

4. Slow Exposures  

You may already use slow exposures if you are a seasoned photographer. But they are something that budding photographers or holidaymakers can use as well.

Perfect for photography in Hawaii due to the amount of beautiful water and waterfalls there are, slow exposures create smoother and milkier seascapes that look Photoshopped. You will, however, need a tripod for this, as it can take seconds to take and camera movement will affect the result.


  1. Look for a focal point

It’s much easier to photograph something that has a point of interest.

However, many of your landscape photographs will not have any people in so you will have to find something in the landscape that stands out to you. This could be anything from a rock formation to a building, see what jumps out at you and focus on that.

As with splitting up your frame, make sure this focal point is close to the horizon in the image for dramatic effect.


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