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Hawaii Vacation Money Saving Tips


10 Hawaii Vacation Money Saving Tips

Many people worry that taking a Hawaii vacation will break the bank.

But a vacation to these wonderful islands doesn’t have to cost a bundle. There are ways to cut costs while you’re on your trip.

Here are 10 ways to save money on your next vacation to the Hawaiian islands.

1. Travel Off-Season

Traveling during the peak seasons will mean higher plane fares and hotel costs. Avoid major holidays and busy times, such as the Christmas holidays, Spring Break, and Thanksgiving.

2. Avoid Staying at Resorts

Luxury resorts can offer a truly 5-star experience while you’re at the hotel, but they charge 5-star rates…and how much time do you really want to spend at the hotel? You don’t need to stay at a resort to enjoy Hawaii’s natural beauty or other popular Hawaii activities.

3. Plan Ahead and Reserve Ahead

Spontaneity is fun, but it can also be expensive. Last minute flight deals may save you a few bucks, but when you plan ahead, you’ll save money on tours, package deals, car rentals, and so on.

4. Go in a Group

Going in a group gives you the opportunity to split bills several ways. This can really cut back on the biggest costs, especially when several people share accommodations, such as condos, timeshare, and other vacation rentals.

5. Eat Local

Locals do not usually eat at the fanciest tourist restaurants along the beach. Get lost down side streets or ask locals where they would go for some good grub.

6. Get a Kitchen and Buy Groceries

If you stay in a rental or timeshare, you’ll often have access to a kitchen, a grill, or both. Buy groceries, cook your own food, and pack your own lunches to avoid paying for meals at expensive restaurants.

7. Book Discount Tours

Discounted Hawaii activities and tours are available through select travel agencies, such as Hawaii Discount. These agencies work in partnership with vendors around the islands to provide discounted rates. Just make sure you book well in advance, because tours fill up quickly.

8. Tap into Local News for Local Deals

Local news stations, websites, and print newspapers can keep you abreast of what’s happening on the islands. These news sources contain ads, articles, and information that the locals use to live affordably, find discounts and sales, and save money. Take advantage of those sources and you can start saving, too.

9. Travel Hack Your Way on the Plane

Travel hacking” means using airline credit cards, travel rewards cards, online travel alerts, and other fancy tricks to earn frequent flyer miles. When you earn enough of these, you can fly to Hawaii without paying a penny.

10. The Cheapest Hawaii Activities are Free

Some of the best Hawaii activities are free – swimming, relaxing on the beach, exploring nature, and so on. You should definitely book discount tours and discount activities, but there are many things to do in Hawaii that don’t cost a dime.

Being frugal in Hawaii doesn’t have to hamper your fun. With the right balance of free and discounted Hawaii activities and a bit of planning, you can enjoy a Hawaii vacation that doesn’t cost you your life savings.

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