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Why You Should Hold Your Next Business Conference in Hawaii

Hawaii may not be thought of as one of the US’ top business hubs, but there are a few reasons you should hold your next business conference in Hawaii.

Thanks to its innovative business facilities and its array of high-end hotels – in some of the most beautiful settings in the world – Hawaii is one of the best places to do business in the USA.

Its offshore location may seem logistically difficult, but today a number of American and European airlines offer direct flights to the islands at great prices. What’s more, businesses are utilizing Hawaii’s unbelievable natural surroundings to enhance their business meetings and conferences … and do better business than ever before.

When you hold a business conference in Hawaii, you’re almost certain to impress your guests, whether they are clients, business partners, or staff.

Here are just some reasons why you should hold your next business conference in Hawaii:

Hawaii is the World’s Top Vacation Destination

Unlike North America, Hawaii is located in one of the most uniquely beautiful and untouched natural ecosystems.

So there is no better place to hold a meeting than in Hawaii. The temperature is always perfect and the islands have so many exceptional sights to see. Employees can enjoy days off on excursions around the islands, such as these inter-island tours or on these incredible helicopter tours, and so much more.

So it is the perfect place to cultivate the right atmosphere with your guests – not only can you discuss business in a beautiful, relaxed setting, you can use this gorgeous setting to bond with your team afterwards.

It Gets Staff Working Hard for Rewards

Employees would always rather go to Hawaii than anywhere else – so it’s the ultimate incentive for them to work hard.

If you offer Hawaii as your conference destination as long as your employees meet their targets, then you may find an increase in sales as employees work to get the chance to experience the beauty of Hawaii.

A Better Experience

Hawaii is not your ordinary business destination. Where else can you snorkel and surf, hike and visit an active volcano all in one day?

It’s diverse landscape and reputation as a luxury travel destination puts brands who do business in Hawaii up with the biggest and best businesses in the world.

There Are Plenty of Places to Hold Your Business Conference in Hawaii

Which island should you choose?

Maui is known as the vacation destination – with its beautiful blue and white coastline and green rain forests. The island is an ideal spot for businesses who are looking to create a relaxing atmosphere.

If you and your clients love to golf then Lanai is probably your best bet. While the island isn’t as developed as some of the other islands it does offer privacy and exclusivity. There is also a Four Seasons on the island with accommodation and golf in the same resort.

If you really want to organise some great team-building and bonding exercises for your business, then head to Kauai. It’s rugged landscape is perfect for hiking and other adventurous activities.

If you want great facilities head to Oahu and The Big Island. The two largest islands have a number of business hotels and business centers that are perfect for conferences, plus there’s The Big Island’s incredible volcanic landscape and Oahu’s capital city, Honolulu, to explore.


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