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Honolulu Festivals: How to Get Involved

The city of Honolulu is Hawaii’s capital, so you can certainly expect Honolulu festivals to be some of the best in Hawaii.

As one of Hawaii’s most important cultural hotspots, Honolulu’s famous neighborhood of Waikiki is just one of the unmissable sights within this thriving city, and the best way to see it at its finest is during the Honolulu Festival this spring.

This year’s festival celebrations are some of the most exciting at the world-famous Honolulu Festival. Starting on March 11 and running until March 13, the festival is a showcase of Hawaii’s most interesting cultures, presented by the Asian and Pacific groups that reside on the islands.

Visitors come to Hawaii from all over the world just to experience this unique festival, so it’s an exciting time to come to Oahu! The 2016 theme is Cultural Harmony, Journey to Peace, and so the festival welcomes everyone from everywhere.

If you are planning to come to the 22nd annual Honolulu Festival in 2016, then here’s how you can get involved:

Honolulu Craft Fair

A new addition to the festival this year – the craft fair and arts demonstration is a chance to create your own unique souvenir of the festival and your time in Hawaii.

With over 100 booths it’s a great place to spend a day and is great for children and adults alike. It’s one of the most interactive parts of the festival and is as much fun as it is educational.

Grand Parade

One of the highlights of every Honolulu Festival is the final Grand Parade.

And it is very grand indeed. The parade begins at Saratoga Road, and goes along Kalakaua Avenue. Watch a vibrant stretch of impressive floats, cultural performances, dance troupes, and famous guest appearances, such as Miss Hawaii and the Narcissus Queens.

This brilliant bonanza cannot be missed.

Governor’s Luncheon Reception

Held in Washington Palace, the Governor’s Luncheon Reception is one of the festival’s most prestigious traditions and marks the opening day of the festival.

A representative from over 100 groups across Japan and the Pacific meet to hear the governor make a speech about the festival and to enjoy lunch together. It’s an important event for cultural relations, and there is an exchange session at the end for guests.

The Friendship Gala

Undoubtedly one of the most exciting events at the festival, the Friendship Gala is a party/event that  offers educational programs and opportunities about global awareness to local students and guests.

The party features a Best Contribution Awards ceremony where awards are given to the best performing groups that have helped in some way towards friendship and international goodwill. There is plenty of entertainment and some excellent food, served in restaurant booths at the event.

Cultural Performances

The best way to get involved with the Honolulu Festival is to support the hardworking and talented performers that will be providing the entertainment throughout the festival.

The performances take place in several locations across the city, including at the Hawaii Convention Center, the Ala Moana Shopping Center, and at Waikiki Beach Walk. Performers come from Hawaii and from across the world to showcase their culture and deserve your attention.

Volunteer Events

If you really want to get involved in the 22nd annual festival and prefer to do something more to help then you can also apply to become a volunteer.

There are hundreds of volunteers every year, but the festival can always use a few more helping hands. Find out more about becoming a volunteer here.


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