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June Events in Honolulu: The Aloha International Piano Festival

As we’ve mentioned elsewhere on the Hawaii Discount travel blog, there are several must-see June events in Honolulu.

If you like classical music, then you’re in luck.

From June 18-26, the 11th annual Aloha International Piano Festival and Competition returns to the beautiful beaches of Honolulu.

For Piano Lovers, This Is One of the Top June Events in Honolulu

This nine-day competition is Hawaii’s premiere destination for pianists of all levels, for performances, workshops, and concerts.

Led by famous pianists Jon Nakamatsu, Haewson Song, Anderson & Roe, and Lisa Nakamichi, the festival is an amazing learning opportunity for anyone who wants to participate. Or it’s also an opportunity to hear great music for anyone who wants to spectate.

The festival is primarily aimed at young, aspiring musicians, giving them the opportunity to work with internationally acclaimed artists and improve their craft and abilities.

Beyond the competitive aspects and opportunities for aspiring musicians, there’s a lot to see at the festival for music lovers:

  • June 19 – There will be an Anderson & Roe piano duo recital, a rare and exciting opportunity. Greg Anderson & Elizabeth Roe are two of the most acclaimed and popular pianists around, and a chance to see them strut their stuff is a treat.
  • June 20 – Anderson & Roe will be teaching a masterclass for $15.
  • June 21 – There is a workshop which gives the audience a chance for the audience to talk directly with these world-class guest musicians. Jon Nakamatsu, Haewon Song, Greg Anderson and Elizabeth Roe will all be at this workshop to answer questions and have stimulating conversations about music, performing, and whatever else the audience can dream up.
  • June 22 – There will be another masterclass taught by Haewon Song. Song is a professor at the prestigious Oberlin Conservatory, and this year she returns to the AIPF to do more teaching and inspiring.
  • June 23 – Jon Nakamatsu, a Van Cliburn gold medalist and highly respected pianist, will be holding a masterclass. These masterclasses are all great opportunities to get hands-on time with international masters.

Beyond the performances, workshops, and concerts, the competition component of the festival is also very important.

Beginning with the Solo Division on June 18th, four competitions total run until the Winners Concert on June 25th. Admission to the new Amateur Division Competition is free and community members and visitors are encouraged to attend.

Prizes for the winners include full scholarships to the Aloha International Piano Academy, a cash prize of $1,000, or the opportunity to perform with the Hawaii Youth Symphony. Above all, the competition is a great experience and great practice for young pianists to get a feel for the competition environment.

Such a celebration of concentrated musical talent is a rare and exciting event, and the festival is sure to have some great insights and great music.


For aspiring pianists and music lovers of all ages, the 11th Annual Aloha International Piano Festival is the must-see event of the summer.

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