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June Events in Kauai: Family-Friendly Cultural Events

June events in Kauai are a great way to experience the rich culture that exists at the heart of the islands.

Through hundreds of years of colonialism and strife, culture has persisted, through the practices and traditions of the people.

These three June events in Kauai are great opportunities to get a taste of Japanese and Hawaiian culture and crafts…and offer fun and entertainment for the whole family.

Obon Dance & Festival at Lihue Honwanji Mission

The Obon Dance and Festival at the Lihui Honwanji Mission is a unique opportunity to participate in an ancient Japanese Buddhist tradition.

Bon, or Obon, Festivals exist to honor one’s ancestral spirits, and are rooted in traditional Japanese Buddhist customs. Over the years, the custom evolved into a family reunion holiday, celebrated in groups with dances and festivities.

Traditionally the festival lasts three days. As is the case with the Lihue Honwanji Buddhist Temple, these practices are sometimes continued outside of Japan.

The Bon Odori, or Bon Dance, is a dancing style unique to the Obon festival. Every local region has its own music and variations on the dance. The Obon Dance in Lihue would be different from the Bon dance in Tokyo or Osaka, for example.

The specificity of the local variations is part of what gives the dance it’s familial, ancestral power.

But the dance is open to anyone who wishes to participate.

And just because it is a festival for the dead doesn’t mean it has to be dreary. There will be food and drinks galore, including:

  • Chicken Yakitori
  • BBQ Beef
  • Pronto Pups
  • Saimin
  • Andagi
  • Shaved Ice

There are also activities and attractions like:

  • The country store
  • Fish pond
  • Children’s games
  • A Q&A at 6:00 p.m.

The dance begins at 7:30 p.m., and is sure to be quite the spectacle.

Kauai Island Crafters Fair

This event is a great showcase for local Hawaiian artisans, and a great opportunity to pick up some high-quality Hawaiian-made products.

Taking place in Princeville, the fair includes products like:

  • Sun catchers
  • Hawaiian quilts
  • Sewn gifts
  • Hand-made soaps
  • Hawaiian dolls
  • Bone and wood carving
  • And a whole lot more

Each hand-made craft is a labor of love made in the original Hawaiian tradition.

It’s a perfect chance to bring a little piece of the island home with you on your next Kauai vacation.

Princeville Night Market

This festival falls on every second Sunday of the month, coming up on June 12th.

Located in the Princeville Shopping Center, you can peruse the wares of over 40 local artisans, showing off pottery, apparel, jewelry, photography, and more.

There is also some great live music to provide a soundtrack to your browsing.

It’s a perfect time to check out what local Kauai craftsman are making, and maybe even picking up some souvenirs for yourself.


These are just a few June events in Kauai that you should check out on your Hawaii vacation.

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