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Magic of Polynesia Show

Magic of Polynesia is a fantastic Waikiki evening show that every visitor to Oahu should go and see. It takes place daily in a spacious and artfully decorated theater at the Waikiki Beachcomber Hotel. It’s a great show if you love magic tricks, spellbinding illusions and mysterious escapes from “death” traps. What makes this show unique is the combination of magic and Polynesian music and dance performances, including a breathtaking fire-knife dance.

The show pulls you in right from the start. You see things unfold before your eyes that just can’t be real, and you wonder how this can be possible. From card tricks to flying pigeons, teleportation and levitation – this show has it all! Out of thin air, a helicopter will appear on stage, people will disappear and reappear and it will snow! Magic of Polynesia is a Waikiki show you just have to experience. It is appealing to people of all ages, so if you have kids, bring them. They will love it too.

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