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Maui’s Best Snorkeling


Maui’s Best Snorkeling: Top 8 Places to Find the Best Underwater Life

As the #1 Hawaiian island for snorkeling, Maui’s underwater scenery can’t be beat. A snorkel tour off Maui is an unforgettable Hawaii tour.

This destination offers crystal blue waters, an unparalleled variety of sea life, and gorgeous white sand beaches. Take a trip to this amazing island of the Pacific and be amazed at the underwater beauty.

Here are 8 of the top places to go snorkeling on this popular island:

1. Kapalua Bay

A pristine white sand beach nestled on the island’s west side, Kapalua Bay has two beautiful coral reefs that form a C-shaped cove and are ideal for snorkeling. Definitely one of Maui’s best snorkeling spots.

The bay also features extremely calm, azure blue waters, another perfect trait for gazing at creatures like the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, Pincushion Sea Stars, and the elusive Spotted Moray Eel.

2. Honolua Bay

Some say that Honolua Bay’s variety of sea life is the best in the world and makes for some of the best snorkeling on the island. The waters here are also calm, as it is protected on both sides by tall rocky cliffs.

The bay is also a Marine Life Conservation District and lies on Maui’s north-western end. The popular Honolua Bay surf break is located to the far right-hand point of the bay.

3. Molokini

The small island lies about three miles off the southwest coast, and is a state bird sanctuary.

The many different types of sea life to spy in the blue waters of Molokini include parrot fish, yellow tang, and sometimes even manta rays.

4. Coral Gardens

This beautiful location—close to the center of the West Maui coast—boasts a huge variety of brightly colored fish and beautiful coral reefs.

Coral Gardens waters is home to green sea turtles and sometimes the Hawaiian monk seal, as well as angel fish, octopus, parrot fish, and more.

5. Five Caves

Eerily also known as “Five Graves” due to its proximity to a graveyard, Five Caves is most popular with more experienced snorkelers and is located north of Turtle Town.

The waters here are home to Hawaiian green sea turtles, reef sharks, and more.

6. Kaanapali Beach – Black Rock

Black Rock is the popular snorkeling spot at the north end of Kaanapali Beach, and has been said to be the best place in Maui to go snorkeling.

The clear waters and beautiful white sands make Black Rock a gem for snorkelers, as well as the abundant fish like moray eels, raccoon butterfly fish, and sea urchins.

7. Ulua Beach

This charming almost-hidden beach in Maui is home to a sparkling cove is more popular with resort guests, but equally so with more experienced snorkelers and scuba divers.

The private, calm waters are great for both snorkeling and scuba diving, and are home to snapper, surgeon fish, and hawk fish. This quiet, semi-secluded beach is perfect a relaxing beach vacation.

8. Ahihi Kinau Natural Area Reserve

One of the island’s youngest eco-reefs, Ahihi Kinau is a small cove that’s a great snorkeling destination for groups and children.

It is also a prime spot for sighting a green Hawaiian turtle, as well as goat fish, needle fish, and butterflyfish.

Are you ready to take a dip in Maui’s clear blue waters?

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