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Molokai Vacation Ideas: Take the Road Less Traveled

A Molokai vacation agenda may not be as popular as those for Oahu, Maui, or Kauai – but that’s just the reason you should consider a vacation to this less-traveled island.

What Makes a Molokai Vacation a Bit Different…

Known as the “friendly isle,” Molokai has just 7,000 residents…and people often refer to it as the real Hawaii. Half of the population of Molokai are also purely Hawaiian, unlike the rest of the islands, which have mixed populations.

The islanders are like one big family on Molokai, and have kept their traditions and values. They make every guest feel welcome and your journey to island a special one.

There are no traffic lights or malls Molokai, just breathtaking beaches. Every building is only as high as a palm tree and there is only one hotel. It’s a complete paradise and yet it is the least visited of all of the major Hawaiian islands.

Many of the residents on the island work in tourism now, but a number of them still work in islander traditional jobs such as fishing, cattle raising and hunting. Just be aware that when you arrive in Molokai you have to follow “island time”, as there is no other time here.

Molokai Tours – The Best Way to Get Around

Because the island is so underdeveloped the best way to get there is to join an organized tour, such as the Molokai Guided Alii Tour. The tour departs from Lahaina Harbor in Maui and takes a ferry to the small island for the day.

When you arrive to Molokai by boat you will notice the gorgeous white sandy beaches, tropical forests, and some of the world’s highest sea cliffs. You will then get the privilege of taking a tour by a local guide to the Kalaupapa Sea Cliff Lookout (the former leper colony), Purdy’s Macadamia Nut Farm, Coffees of Hawaii, and some ancient Hawaiian spiritual sites.

After the Molokai tour is finished, you will head back to Maui the same night.

Extend Your Trip

If you want to extend your stay after your tour, Molokai is also home to the longest fringing reef in the US. So it is great for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Sunsets on Molokai are also arguably the best in Hawaii. With little to no pollution and no big buildings to block your view, it’s 100% natural.

The Saturday Farmers’ Market happens every week and is a great way to try some of the local produce and foods on the island. At these local markets, everything comes straight from the farmers.

It’s also worth taking the traditional and longer mule ride or hike to Kalaupapa, the peninsula that was once a leper colony.

Molokai Facts You Should Know

  • Molokai is dangerous for swimming for most of the year. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some beautiful beaches, such as Papohaku Beach Park and Kapukahehu Beach.
  • Eat at the local places, such as Kualapu’u’s Cookhouse…just be aware that it shuts down at 8pm and doesn’t accept credit cards.
  • Don’t miss Friday night at Hotel Molokai. Mr. Purdy leads a regular musical gathering that is unique to the island – also note that a visit to Purdy’s Macadamia Nut Farm is included in the day tour mentioned above.
  • Like the rest of Hawaii, humpback whales can be seen from the islands between December and April.


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