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Top 4 Ways to Save Money on Your Oahu Vacation

Oahu is one of the most visited islands in Hawaii, but there are ways to save money on your Oahu vacation…

Known as the “gathering place,” this island sees thousands of tourists visit its shores every year. Oahu is also one of the most culturally diverse islands in Hawaii. And, thanks to its massive transportation hub, the Honolulu International Airport, it’s easy to get to.

As a result, Oahu’s capital, Honolulu, is a great base for travelers, both luxury and budget. From the city you can sign up for a number of discounted tours, stay in cheap accommodation, and eat at local, budget restaurants.

Here are 4 big ways to save money on your Oahu vacation:

1. Find Budget Accommodation

Oahu has a large population, so it has a vast number of options for staying on the island on a budget.

Here are some of the best choices:

Oahu Camping  
There are a number of options for camping on Oahu, including the Sand Island State Recreation Area in Honolulu, which has sandy beaches and grassy areas to camp on.

You can also find spots at the Keaiwa Heiau State Recreation Park, which offers 385-acres of wooded and mountains parklands.

Prices are usually per pitch for up to six people and can be as little as $30 a night.

Oahu Hostels
Honolulu has a great number of budget hostels to offer.

You can choose a private room for as little as $40 or a dorm room for around $20 a night. Most of these establishments will also include breakfast in the nightly price, which will usually be a “make-your-own” buffet.

Oahu hostels are also a great way to meet other travelers from around the world.

Airbnb on Oahu
Airbnb is a great way to get an attractive apartment or private room in a house, often for a smaller price than you’d pay at fancy resorts.

Rented out by individual owners, prices can vary greatly – they go anywhere from $50 a night to as much as $1,000 a night.

A number of Airbnb hosts will also be happy to give you money-saving tips and vacation ideas, which is another added perk of using this service.

Book a Package Deal
A number of flight websites, such as Expedia, offer packages when you book flights.

Simply select the “flight and hotel” option and you can search for the best package deal by price.

2. Book Discounted Tours

If you have limited time in Oahu and are on a tight budget, the best way to see island and really do the “best bits” is to take a tour. Naturally, we’d suggest visiting Hawaii Discount for the best deals on Oahu tours.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Take the All of Oahu in One Day tour for less than $40 and see most of the island. When you book this Oahu tour, you’ll see Oahu’s famous north beach areas, sugar cane and pineapple fields, Sandy Beach, and Makapu’u Beach.
  • Another affordable, must-try tour is the Pearl Harbor Arizona Memorial and Circle Island Tour, which goes for less than $80. This tour includes the navy shuttle boat ride to the Arizona Memorial.
  • And you can learn more about Oahu’s natural and sacred sites on the Waterfalls & Sacred Sites of Oahu tour. The tour takes you to uncharted territory that you’d never be able to visit on your own. On this tour, you’ll discover the secret to a long and happy Hawaiian life, what makes Hawaiian culture to unique, and you’ll get to see waterfalls, bamboo forests, burial caves, and more.

3. Eat at Local Restaurants

Another one of the best ways to save money on your Oahu vacation is to eat local – after all, resort food can be pricey.

Honolulu and Waikiki are full of excellent local, cheap restaurants.

Here are a couple to check out:

Highway Inn has been open since 1947 and has two locations. Try to visit the famous historic restaurant at the 680 building between Waikiki and downtown Honolulu and opt for the Loco Moco or the Chicken Long Rice.

Bogart’s is the classic locals breakfast place and is famous for its Acai Bowls. Located between Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head, it’s fresh, cheap, and local.

For more cheap Oahu restaurants, visit the Hawaii Discount travel blog.

4. Plan Your Transportation

Finally, planning your transportation in advance can be another one of the great ways to save money on your Oahu vacation. After all, the less you spend on taxis, rental vehicles, and airplane rides, the more you can spend on other activities.

Oahu has buses and taxis, but one of the cheapest ways to get around is by renting a car.

They can cost as little as $24 a day if you plan it in advance.

Or, you can map out your route and plan how you are going to get places in advance, so you don’t have to spend extra money on taking a cab.


These are just a few of the best ways to save money on your Oahu vacation, but there are plenty more on the Hawaii Discount travel blog.

To book a discount Oahu tour, Oahu activity, or Oahu vacation package, visit HawaiiDiscount.com today.

Please remember that popular activities sell out frequently. We recommend making reservations well in advance of your trip.

To book an affordable Hawaii tour or activity, call 1-866-482-9775 today.