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Top 5 Maui Coffee Shops

When you visit Maui coffee shops, you stand a much greater chance of drinking locally grown coffee.

After all, Hawaii is the only American state that grows commercial quantities of coffee.

While the most well-known Hawaiian coffees come from the Kona growing region of the Big Island, the other major Hawaiian islands produce their own distinctive coffees. Many locals feel that Maui Mokka is one of the best – if not the best – Hawaiian coffee.

If you choose to drink Starbucks on your next Maui vacation, you’ll be missing out on some of the best local coffee.

Make sure you try some of these top 5 Maui coffee shops during your trip…and bring back a bag or two of local brew as a souvenir!

1. MauiGrown Coffee:

Why not start your Maui coffee shop tour off right? For an inside view of the island’s best coffee, visit MauiGrown’s coffee plantation.

The 500-acre Ka’anapali Estate next to Lahaina produces several varieties of Arabica coffees.

Fan favorites include the aforementioned Maui Mokka, Lava Flow, and Peaberry. Before or after your leisurely cup of java at a table, make sure to enjoy the self-guided tour, which includes the spectacular backdrop of Maui’s gorgeous panorama.

During your visit, you can try as many samples as you like, while learning details about how they grow and roast these flavors.

2. Memphis Belle Coffee House

Located in Kihei, Memphis Belle works closely with the local coffee growers and to deliver the rich Kiwi coffee culture to their clientele.

The staff here, self-described as “attractive coffee nerds,” enjoy serving up their delicious brand of cold drip, V60 Chemex and espresso, among many other favorites.

Well-known favorites are their Dirty Chai, Flat White, and fresh juices.

3. Paia Bay Coffee

Visitors to Paia Bay Coffee can enjoy their favorite coffee drinks alongside delicious meals like Eggs with Goat Cheese and Tuna Salad.

This coffee house offers a great Hawaiian ambience – with its outdoor patio and garden – as well as an artsy atmosphere that coffee shop goers love.

4. Wailuku Coffee Company

If you’re looking for some of Maui’s best views with your coffee, Wailuku Coffee Company is the place to be.

This is a favorite spot for checking out the local art and music scene, during the monthly event, Wailuku First Friday.

This Maui coffee shop’s highlights include a yummy veggie bagel and one of the island’s favorite cappuccinos.

5. Grandma’s Maui Coffee

If you visit Haleakala’s summit, make sure you stop by Grandma’s Maui Coffee, which is located on Kula Highway.

Grandma’s coffee uses organic beans that have been grown on the slopes of Haleakala and roasted on site. The 100-year-old roaster features a viewing window for patrons, so you can see the whole process for yourself.

To go with your exceptional cup of Grandma’s Maui coffee, you can also enjoy great desserts, like Banana Pineapple Cake, as well as other Grandma’s products, like syrups and jams.


These Maui coffee shops are just a few of the great Maui cafes to visit on your vacation.

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