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Visiting Honolulu? Try This 48-Hour Oahu Travel Plan

If you’re visiting Honolulu, it may be a good idea to create an Oahu travel plan.

Many visitors to Hawaii try to see as much as they can, and may not have long to spend seeing the famous sights. In fact, you may only have 48 hours to spend on the famous island of Oahu.

Well, if you don’t mind packing your schedule full of activities, there’s plenty you can fit into just 48 hours. Even in a single weekend you can see lots of tourist attractions, get a feel for the island, and come away feeling like it was time well spent.

Here’s one great agenda for your 48-hour Oahu travel plan:

Day One: Morning

Start your day with some activity by taking a hike to the beautiful Kuliouou Ridge Trail.

This 4-mile hike will highlight some of the island’s most impressive views – including the island’s stunning valleys and coastline. The hike takes about four hours, so the earlier you start the earlier you will finish.

Just make sure you bring plenty of water and some snacks.

Day One: Afternoon

After hiking all morning you need some well-deserved luxury.

The next best stop would be the Halekulani Spa, located in the heart of Oahu’s Waikiki Beach. Or, if you prefer to keep up the pace, you can choose to head straight out again for an incredible wild dolphin encounter.

There are a number of tours on offer at Hawaiidiscount.com that take you out along Oahu’s coastline to swim with spinner dolphins and maybe even green sea turtles.

After that you really will need a rest.

Day One: Evening

Oahu is known for having the most exciting nightlife of all of the Hawaiian islands.

Head to the bars and restaurants along Waikiki for your first night if you prefer to take it easy. Or if you would like something more extravagant, you can book up one of the beautiful sunset dinner cruises that leave the island every night.

Choose from a catamaran, a cruise ship or a sailing boat…and be prepared to try some beautifully presented local cuisine.

Day Two: Morning and Afternoon

On your second day, it’s a good idea to learn more about the history of the island – an educational visit Pearl Harbor fits the bill.

Known as the location of the infamous Japanese attack in 1941, which sparked the United States’’ entry into World War II, the Pearl Harbor Memorial is one of the most-visited Oahu attractions. Organized tours will pick you up from your hotel and give you priority access to the memorial, saving you from having to stand in line.

Tours also include a visit to the USS Arizona and Missouri, the exhibit galleries and a navy shuttle ride to the memorial, as well as a Honolulu city tour.

Most tours last around eight hours, allowing you some to rest on your final afternoon.

Day Two: Evening

For your last evening in Oahu you have to head to an Oahu luau.

Famous on every island of Hawaii, the luau is a traditional Hawaiian evening that features a delicious local feast, live performers, and Hawaiian music. The event is a “must-do” for any visitor to the island as it’s a great way to get to get to know more about Hawaiian culture.

The centerpiece of any luau is the Kalua pig, which was traditionally cooked by ancient Hawaiians in an underground oven.

You will also get to try poi, lau lau, and some delicious coconut pudding.


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