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Waikiki Beaches

Waikiki Beaches: There’s More Than One.


Where’s the Waikiki Beaches?

Where’s Waikiki Beach? As soon as you get off the plane this is most likely the phrase you’re going to be saying. Waikiki Beach is the most popular and frequented beach in Hawaii and also one of the most recognized spots in the world. However many people that initially come here don’t recognize that this beach is made up of different stretches of sand and has quite a few names. There are actually 8 different sections of this 2-mile long beach.

The first section, most western tip, which is closest to the Ala Wai Harbor and starts directly in front of the Hilton Hawaiian, is called the Duke Kahanamoku Beach. Named after the father of modern surfing, this is one of the busier sections, which features a man made lagoon that is popular with families and children as well as the ferry’s to Atlantis Submarine. The next section is Fort DeRussy Beach Park. Still a busy section as it features sand volleyball courts, tennis courts, and surf board/paddle board vendors.

The third beach up in the line up is Gray’s Beach. This is one of the oldest parts of Waikiki Beach as it was named after a sea lodge that no longer stands. Most of this beach has been eroded away by the tides and is more of a point rather than a beach. The Royal Hawaiian Beach is directly in front of the hotel it is named after. This is an active part of the beach as there is access to catamaran rides, surf instructors, and a close surfing break. However as busy as it is, it does have some of the softer sand in Waikiki. Now traveling eastward you’ll reach Prince Kuhio Beach also known as the ponds. This spot is also great for families and kids as there are two back-to-back concrete walls that cut off the ocean to create calm salt water swimming pools.

Queen Kapiolani Beach or “Queens” is located just after the ponds. This stretch is quieter with great spots for sunbathing, a boogie boarding break just adjacent to one of the walls, and also features a 1000 foot outside movie screen for movie night events called “Sunset on the Beach.” Just past queens is San Souci Beach or Kaimana. This is a more local and Oahu residents beach as its more away from the tourist side of Waikiki District. There’s a lovely park nearby as well as close reefs for snorkeling. Finally we reach the last stretch known as Outrigger Canoe Club Beach also nicknamed Colony Beach. This beach may still have ‘private’ written all over it, however all Oahu beaches are public space so there’s no deterrent from you to enjoy this sandy shore as well. No matter which section you go to, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time. For more info about Waikiki click here.

There ya have it, the eight sections of Waikiki Beach.

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