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When Should You Fly to Hawaii?

Everyone knows that flying to the islands can be the most expensive part of a trip to Hawaii, so when should you fly to Hawaii?

However, if you are savvy and you plan your trip with some insiders knowledge, then you will be able to grab some of the best deals on vacations and flights to Hawaii and ensure your trip is affordable.

To help you become an insider, we’ve put together some valuable tips about your next trip to Hawaii, including when to book your flights, how to save money on flights, and what to look out for when booking flights.

When Should You Fly to Hawaii?

The prices to Hawaii really drop if you fly out of season, this is usually in the spring time (from mid-April to mid-June) and in the fall (from September to mid-December).

The great news is that while these low season prices have the best prices, they are also when Hawaii has the best weather. Just avoid the last week in April (up to mid-May) which is a Japanese holiday and can see a lot of tourists … and the prices increase as a result.

It’s always best to buy your ticket well in advance of your flight (54 days before your trip is supposed to be the optimum time to book).

It is sometimes possible to get a small discount on seats booked a week or two before your trip, however, the cheap seats may have already sold out and you could be stuck for choice and pay a lot more.

When you ask yourself when should you fly to Hawaii, the best answer is to be as flexible as you can with your dates. Most websites give you the option to look within two/three days either side of your selected dates, so make sure you tick this box, it might save you lots of money.

How to Get the Best Flight Deals to Hawaii

Apart from the timing of you trip, you can also choose a number of companies that offer both budget package trips to Hawaii as well as cheaper flights to the state.

Set up an alert for the dates you would like to visit Hawaii on budget flight/package websites and search engine sites, such as SkyScanner and Expedia. And always look out for sales on flights by signing up to their newsletter.

There are a number of options for accommodation in Hawaii – from luxury hotels and condos to hostels and camping. You can book your stay and flights separately, which is sometimes the cheapest way to do it, however it’s always an idea to check out package deals. These usually include all of your meals, accommodation, and transfers.

American Express Travel and Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays offer some great packages to Hawaii if you prefer to have everything taken care of. It’s also worth while keeping an eye on some of Hawaii’s larger hotel chains, which often have sales and deals if you travel on a particular date.

Be Aware of Your Rights

Some people can earn discounts. For instance, if you:

  • Are a senior citizen
  • Have young children
  • Or are traveling as a family of four

Then you may be entitled to a discount.

Make sure you ask!

Best Flights

Remember that while it’s important to get the best deals on your flights to make your trip a realistic possibility, it’s also important to select a good flight that won’t cause you problems on your trip of a lifetime.

Here’s some things to look out for:

  • Make sure the flight is with one airline the whole way
  • Check for long stopovers, especially if they aren’t in Hawaii
  • Check the airline has good reviews and a good track record

If You Want to See More of Hawaii

Instead of booking lots of individual flights across Hawaii, a great way to see more of the islands is to book an inter-island tour. These tours includes your transportation to the other island and all of the tour highlights.

If you are visiting a smaller island, most of the flights from mainland US will connect through Oahu, so consider included a stopover on the island in your trip and trying out one of HawaiiDiscount’s inclusive activity packages while you are there.



So when should you fly to Hawaii?

As you can see, some seasons are cheaper than others. But regardless of when you fly to Hawaii, you can save money when you book activities through Hawaii Discount.

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