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Where to Go for Coffee on Your Next Honolulu Vacation


Where to Go for Coffee on Your Next Honolulu Vacation

When you’re taking a Honolulu vacation, the last thing you should do is drink coffee at a Starbucks.

You won’t be spending your vacation money at McDonald’s, so why waste it at an international coffee chain?

Honolulu and Waikiki may be havens for tourists, but Honolulu’s also home to neighborhood coffee shops that serve up the real deal.

From coffee to tea and everything in between, these cafés will keep you caffeinated from sunrise to sunset and beyond.

1. Glazers Coffee

“Espresso, music and people” is the theme of this quaint coffee shop. Located on King Street near the University of Honolulu, Glazers is an independent coffee shop that follows in the footsteps left by Seattle’s best baristas.

Baristas here are well-trained and take as much pride in their caffeinated creations as they do in the warm atmosphere they offer their guests.

2. Island Vintage Coffee Company

Island Vintage Coffee Company is more than just a coffee shop. They are a gourmet coffee roaster that provides top quality Kona coffee for the Hawaiian Islands and the rest of the world.

On your next Honolulu vacation, stop by the café in Ala Moana Center, which is the perfect place to enjoy Hawaiian coffee straight from the source. And, while you’re sipping on your specialty Kona roast, why not pick up a bag or two to brew back home?

3. Honolulu Coffee

Honolulu Coffee, the self-dubbed “Artisan Kona Roaster,” also offers some of the islands’ best Kona coffee flavors.

With locations throughout Hawaii and several in Honolulu, you’ll always be close to a Honolulu Coffee cafes. While you should definitely try the company’s fresh drip coffee, their mixed drinks also earn rave reviews.

4. Morning Glass Coffee + Café

Like other cafes in this list, Morning Glass steers clear of the mass-produced mindset. This company’s philosophy is that simple, fresh ingredients will always make the best food and drink.

Whenever and wherever possible, Morning Glass supports island farms, sourcing food locally. They have a selection of coffee, including those grown and roasted locally.

This café is located in Manoa, which makes it a good place to stop if you visit Manoa valley or the university.

5. Fresh Café

Finally, Fresh Café offers a bit of everything you could ask for in a café and coffee house – community, arts, culture, great food, and killer caffeine.

Check the café’s website for upcoming events or stop by during the day to grab one of Honolulu’s top-rated sandwiches. Follow that up with one of the best lattes you’ll ever drink, and you’ll have enough fuel to last you well into the night.


Whether you’re looking for a shot of espresso, a cup of locally roasted coffee, or a latte mixed by a coffee artisan, this list will get you off on the right foot.

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