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Big Island Hawaii Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding Tours on the Big Island of Hawaii

Experience the grandeur of the Big Island by participating in Big Island Horseback Tours. Whether it is Waipio Valley, Kahua Ranch or Parker Ranch, Big Island Hawaii Horseback Riding offers the best of the Big Island from the seat of your saddle. If you want to visit Waipio Valley, then book one of several Hawaiian Horseback Tours with Hawaii Discount and save!. Big Island Horseback Riding Hawaii tours are some of the best Hawaii Activities! Horseback Tours are a memorable experience.  Contact Hawaii Discount for Waipio Valley Horseback Tours or any of our other fun Hawaiian Horseback Tours.

Whether you’re a novice or advanced rider, Hawaii Discount and Big Island Horseback Riding gives you the experiences normally not found outside of Hawaii! Explore beautiful Waipio Valley with your Big Island Horseback Tours group and create lasting memories while discovering the beauty behind the Big Island. Many of the Hawaiian Horseback tours allow you to spread out and ride, and even trot and canter if you have the necessary skills.

Stately cinder cones are a dramatic contrast to the lush pasturelands dotted with grazing sheep as you ride along the trails on our Hawaiian Horseback tours on Parker ranch, the second largest working cattle ranch in the US with over 150,000 acres to explore. This is Big Island Horseback Riding Hawaii at its best!

Big Island Horseback Riding is also offered in the lush Waipio valley. You’ll leave the stables for lush tropical trails, freshwater streams, incredible waterfalls, and stunning vistas. North Kohala is home to Kahua ranch and Na’alapa stables where you can venture out and explore 12,000 acres of incredible terrain with real paniolos (Hawaiian cowboys).

What’s more peaceful than enjoying Waipio Valley from the saddle on a Big Island Horseback Riding tour? we make the tours comfortable from the beginners to the advanced riders! Having a less challenging ride means you can relax and enjoy your own Big Island Horseback Riding Hawaii tour.

Whether you want to experience Big Island Horseback Riding in a real life cattle drive or enjoy a more serene trip through Waipio Valley with another Hawaiian Horseback Tours group, Hawaii Discount works overtime to ensure you have the most unique time on any of our Big Island Hawaii Horseback Riding tours! Leave the stress of choosing the best Big Island Horseback Riding Tours to us and enjoy getting back on the saddle!  Reserve all of your Hawaii Activities with Hawaii Discount and enjoy the best of Big Island Hawaii. All Big Island Horseback Riding Hawaii tours are focused on safety, with maximum flexibility for experienced riders. Weight and age restrictions apply.

Popular Big Island Horseback Tours

Na'alapa Horseback Adventure on Kahua Ranch
From: $65.00
You save: $7.90
Duration: 1.5 - 2.5 hours

Kahua Ranch is one of the oldest working ranches in Hawaii. Enjoy panoramic views of the mountains and the coastline as you ride across the lush pastures.

Pa'ani Ranch Little Wrangler Keiki Program
From: $65.00
You save: $6.88
Duration: 1.5 hours

This fun horseback adventure for kids includes a wagon ride, hand-led pony ride, pond pole fishing, petting zoo experience, special Pa'ani Ranch coloring books and refreshments at the barn.

Pa'ani Ranch Paniolo Ride
From: $65.00
You save: $6.88
Duration: 1.5 hours

The Pa'ani Ranch Paniolo Ride is limited to 7 horses per tour keeping the horseback riding groups small and intimate.

Waipio Valley Horseback Adventure
From: $85.03
You save: $8.72
Duration: 2.5 hours

Saddle up and enjoy a leisurely ride through the beautiful and mystical Waipio Valley. This horseback riding tour takes you through a tropical paradise of jungle trails, freshwater streams, tar fields, magnificent waterfalls and incredible vistas.