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Hawaii ATV Tours

Hawaii ATV Tours 

Nothing rivals the thrill of offroad Hawaii ATV Tours.  Whether you choose Big Island ATV Tours, Kauai ATV Tours or Maui ATV Tours, there is a different Hawaii ATV tour for everyone in your family.  Book your Hawaii Activities through Hawaii Discount today.  Offroad today!  Here's what one customer wrote:

"I tried all kinds of Hawaii activities but my favorite was the Hawaii ATV Tour! Do you have any Kauai ATV Tours or Maui ATV Tours that are similar to the Oahu ATV Tours that Hawaii Discount booked for me last year?"

YES!  Hawaii Discount offers Hawaii ATV tours to exhilirate any fan of off-road adventure.  Big Island ATV Tours, Kauai ATV Tours, Maui ATV Tours, and Oahu ATV Tours are among our most popular off-road Hawaii Activities or Hawaii attractions.  No matter which you choose you will experience the thrill of Hawaii ATV Tours and Hawaii Activities. The excitement of off-road and the savings are never-ending with Hawaii Activities and Hawaii Discount.  Your Hawaiian vacation experiencing the Hawaii attractions won't be complete without fantastic offroad Maui ATV Tours.  Don't wait - book your off-road Hawaii ATV tours and other Hawaii Activities and Hawaii attractions for all your Hawaii trips.

Find You Perfect ATV Tour - Select An Island

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Big Island ATV Tours

Enjoy one of the Hawaii attractions offroad through paradise on your Big Island ATV Tour across windswept cliffs and through towering waterfalls. Hawaii Discount gives you a choice when you book your offroad Big Island Hawaii ATV Tours package. We offer a deluxe 22 mile waterfall tour, which takes you deep within rainforests; a 15 mile waterfall tour, which stretches your abilities as well as your altitude riding up 3000 feet into towering rainforests; and a cliff trail in which you offroad along the rugged historical coastline of the Big Island.

If you choose the deluxe 22 mile waterfall tour, you will offroad along the gorgeous Kohala Coastline before arriving at a secluded bay and starting your journey through a Eucalyptus rainforest and following brisk mountain stream up to an ancient volcano.  Then it's time to offroad down to two secluded waterfalls offering some of the most breathtaking scenery of all the Hawaii ATV tours!

Kauai ATV Tours

Booking an offroad Waterfall Tour or a Koloa Tour with Kauai ATV Tours gives you an fun-filled afternoon ride on our very own Yamaha Kodiak! Whether you want your Hawaii Activities to be four hours of touring 2 private waterfalls or taking a three hour offroad tour through Kauai’s south shore on one of your Hawaii ATV tours, Kauai ATV Tours offers the best adventure on our Mud Bugs. 

Kipu Ranch Adventures offers up two excellent adventures, sure to be your favorite of all the Hawaii Activities!  If you choose to offroad with the waterfall picnic tour, you and our experienced tour guide will take the group through the diverse landscape of Kipu Ranch, along the Huleia River and up Mt. Haupu to arrive at our private waterfalls.  There, you can relax in the secluded swimming hole after this challenging offroad Hawaii attraction.

Maui ATV Tours

With these Hawaii Activities through Hawaii Discount, discover the path less taken of Maui and offroad with Maui ATV tours. Get off of the beaten path on Haleakala Hawaii ATV Tours on another of the Hawaii attractions and Hawaii ATV tours.  Choose from our 2 hour or 3 hours ATV Riding in Maui Hawaii Adventures.   Tour Maui's Haleakala Ranch and offroad on an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV).  Haleakala Ranch was established in 1888. This ranch is a 30,000 acre working cattle ranch so you may get to see Hawaiian paniolo cowboys hard at work.  Explore the miles and miles of beautiful rolling hills and high mountain forest that can only be reached with offroad Maui ATV Tours.  What other Hawaii Activities take you to unreachable terrain?  Available to drive are the modern 350cc four-wheel drive quads that are comfortable and very easy to operate. ATV Tours in Maui Hawaii is an exciting way to experience Hawaii.  Enjoy the thrill of offroad as you zoom across Maui's rugged landscape on your Hawaii ATV tour as you take in Maui’s stunning scenery. Hawaii Discount also offers Hummer & Jeep Wrangler support vehicles that are available for guests between the ages of 5-15 and those who prefer to be driven.  This is standard on the Hawaii ATV tours offered and safety is a first for all the Hawaii atttractions.

When you're finished with your offroad Big Island ATV Tours, you'll know why we think they are the most amazing of the Hawaii Activities or Hawaii attractions!  What about the Hawaii ATV Tours scenery? Kauai ATV Tours and Maui ATV Tours might not be the last adventure for the day, but they'll certainly be among the most memorable of your Hawaii Activities! Just remember who brought the offroad to you - Hawaii ATV Tours and Hawaii Discount!  So whether you choose Big Island ATV Tours, Hawaii ATV Tours, Kauai ATV Tours, or Maui ATV Tours, these Hawaii Activities are the best bang for your buck when you choose Hawaii Discount!

Enjoy Hawaii ATV Tours on the Big Island of Hawaii, Maui, Oahu and Kauai and save on your Hawaii Activities through Hawaii Discount. Order your Hawaii ATV tours today and prepare for the ride of a lifetime. From the Big Island ATV tours to the Kauai ATV tours, you will have a blast at one of the most exciting Hawaii attractions.

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