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Kualoa Ranch Horseback Riding

Kualoa Ranch

Have fun riding an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) and explore Oahu’s countryside, discover hidden valleys on horseback, go on a jungle expedition or ocean voyage to a secret island, enjoy a nature hike through tropical gardens, or visit popular Hollywood filming locations – all this is possible at Kualoa Ranch.
Established in 1850, Kualoa is a 4000-acre working cattle ranch, located on Oahu’s east shore. It is also a popular visitor attraction with many fun activities for the whole family.

Just the setting of the ranch is breathtaking. Backed by the majestic Ko'olau Mountain Range, Kualoa offers stunning views of dense rainforests, verdant valleys, ancient Hawaiian fishponds and the ocean. There’s even a petting zoo that’s fun for kids. It is truly a paradise for outdoor recreation.  

Choose from a variety of Kualoa Ranch activities right here at Hawaii Discount. We have all the best Kualoa Ranch tours at discounted prices.

Kualoa Ranch Value Packages

Kualoa Ranch Full-Day or Half-Day Adventure Package
From: $129.00
You save: $16.55
Duration: 4.5 - 7 hours

Enjoy a variety of fun activities, including horseback riding, an ATV tour, ocean voyaging or a nature walk.

Kualoa Ranch Full-Day Experience Pass
From: $90.51
You save: $13.15
Duration: 7 hours

Spend a day at Kualoa Ranch and do a variety of fun activities, such as a jungle expedition, movie sites tour, ocean voyaging, secret island expedition or a Hawaiian fishpond tour.

Kualoa Ranch Experience Tours

Kualoa Ranch Movie Sites & Ranch Tour
From: $22.59
You save: $4.41
Duration: 1 hour

Tour one of Oahu's prime filming locations and see where some of the most popular Hollywood blockbusters and TV shows were filmed.

Kualoa Ranch Jungle Expedition
From: $22.59
You save: $4.41
Duration: 1 hour

Climb on board a 6-wheel-drive Swiss Pinzgauer, which will take you on an adventurous tour through Oahu’s jungle trails. Hold on tight as the Pinzgauer rumbles through stream beds and powers up steep hills.

Kualoa Ranch Ancient Hawaiian Fishpond & Tropical Gardens Tour
From: $22.59
You save: $4.41
Duration: 1 hour

This tour takes you on a journey across one of Hawaii’s most well-preserved ancient fishponds. Then enjoy a sensory garden tour through tropical fruit trees and flowers.

Kualoa Ranch Secret Island Beach Expedition
From: $22.59
You save: $4.41
Duration: 3 hours

Come aboard the Aniani glass bottom boat, which will take you to Secret Island for a morning or afternoon of swimming, paddleboarding, kayaking and more!

Kualoa Ranch Ocean Voyaging Tour
From: $22.59
You save: $4.41
Duration: 1 hour

Hop on board Kualoa Ranch’s 49-passenger catamaran and enjoy a cruise along Oahu’s beautiful Kaneohe Bay. Plenty of great photo opportunities!

Kualoa Ranch Legends & Legacy Tour
From: $8.32
You save: $1.68
Duration: 20 minutes

Dive into Kualoa’s rich history on this walking and storytelling tour that takes you on a journey to the sacred place of Paliku, located at the base of the Kualoa Mountains.

Kualoa Ranch Adventure Tours

Kualoa Ranch ATV Tours
From: $60.35
You save: $11.90
Duration: 1-2 hours

Looking for an exciting outdoor adventure? Kualoa Ranch ATV tours are hard to beat! Venture deep into the jungle, up on mountain trails, through lush forests and across streams.

Kualoa Ranch 2 Hour Horseback Ride
From: $88.82
You save: $14.84
Duration: 2 hours

Saddle up and ride deep into Ka'a'awa Valley to hidden spots that can’t be seen from the road. This is a guided 2-hour horseback riding tour to the northern part of Kualoa Ranch.

Kualoa Ranch 1 Hour Horseback Ride
From: $60.35
You save: $11.90
Duration: 1 hour

On this horseback riding tour you’ll explore the southern half of Kualoa Ranch. Enjoy beautiful views of verdant cliff faces, an 800-year-old Hawaiian fishpond and Mokoli'i Island.

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