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Hawaii Whale Watching Tours and Activities

Want to see the Whales in Hawaii or Kona?  Then try a Hawaii Whale Watching Oahu and Hawaii Whale Watching Honolulu Tour today!  A Hawaii Whale Watching Cruise is so exciting to see the Whales in Hawaii.  Be astonished by Hawaii Whale Watching in Oahu and Hawaii Whale Watching Tours when you see Hawaii Humpback Whales near Kona or Kauai. Check out the lovely Hawaii Whale Watch Cruise and see the beautiful Whales in Hawaii, Kauai and off the coast of Kona.  The Hawaii Humpback Whales have arrived on the Big Island, Kauai and Kona!  Don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime to see Whales in Hawaii on a Hawaii Whale Watch Cruise from Kauai to Kona.  Hawaii Humpback Whales flourish near the Big Island, Kona, and Kauai.  Hurry fast to experience Hawaii Whale Watching in Honolulu, Hawaii Whale Watching in Oahu for amazing Whales in Hawaii!  Kauai and Big Island marine life are waiting for you to book your Hawaii Whale Watching Tours and Hawaii Whale Watch Cruise today!

Find Your Perfect Whale Watching Tour - Select An Island

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Whales in Hawaii are amazing to see in Kauai, Kona or the Big Island on Hawaii Whale Watching Tours.  Take awesome ride to the Hawaiian Islands like Kauai or Kona that hosts the largest seasonal population of Hawaii Humpback Whales activity near the Big Island and Kauai but also in the world!  The Hawaii Whale Watching Honolulu Tour includes live narration from our naturalist who will enlighten you on marine life like Whales in Hawaii, Bottle Nose Dolphins, Spinner Dolphins, Pilot Whales, Mantas, Sea Turtles.  During your tour, hear the songs of the great Whales in Hawaii as they are piped through the sound system from our underwater hydrophone. Both decks of the 70' power catamaran offer a full 360-degree view. The Spirit of Kona also has 2 large glass bottom wells for viewing underwater marine life.  Body Glove Afternoon Whale Watch activity allow you to View Pacific Humpback whales in their natural habitat! Seeing these majestic, endangered ocean mammals is an awe inspiring experience. Don't forget to bring your camera!  You will see whales up close and personal with many great photo opportunities! Hawaiian Humpback Whales are among Hawaii's favorite yearly tourists, migrating from cold Alaskan waters to Hawaii each year to mate and bear their calves. Their hauntingly beautiful whale songs echo in Hawaiian waters from December through April. Watch as the whales leap into the air or slap their tails on the water, teaching their young to breach and explore their undersea environment. This Whale Watch cruise includes heavy pupus (appetizers), and drinks!

The Star of Honolulu offers real whale sightings (guaranteed) by December 15 – April 30 or you’ll receive a whale check to enjoy your next Star Whale Watch cruise on us!  Imagine that!  Seeing Hawaii Humpback Whales and all of the other Whales in Hawaii or your next cruise is on us!    A top activity while in Kauai or the Big Island is a whale watching tour to the coast of Kona to see the gentle beasts.  Your complete Hawaii Whale Watching Honolulu and Hawaii Whale Watching Oahu experiences include our crew of certified naturalists to share fascinating insights on the Whales in Hawaii, Hydrophone to hear whale songs, educational whale video presentation and more!  Also, you can participate in onboard Hawaiian Cultural activities: from lei-making to coconut frond weaving, ukulele or hula lessons and fish feeding!  The Star of Honolulu offers great whale-watching tours ranging from the coast of Kona to Kauai to the Big Island.  We'll take you beyond Diamond Head for the best views of whales in the straits between Maui and Oahu, and the Star's 60-foot observation deck will give you great views smaller vessels aren't likely to offer.  Hawaii Whale Watching Honolulu and Hawaii Whale Watching Oahu Tours to Kona are both great activities for the whole family when in Kauai or Hawaii! 

The Whales in Hawaii are calling you to take a Hawaii Whale Watch Cruise with Hawaii Whale Watching Honolulu and Hawaii Whale Watching Oahu.  Start the fun with Hawaii Whale Watching Tours then take a nice Hawaii Whale Watch Cruise! Whales in Hawaii are so graceful you can’t miss this opportunity. Hawaii Humpback Whales make a big splash with Hawaii Whale Watching Honolulu, Hawaii Whale Watching Oahu, and Hawaii Whale Watch Cruise.  They said come see us near the  Big Island, Kona, and Kauai! 

Enjoy Hawaii Whale Watching Tours and Activities with Hawaiidiscount.com.  Kauai, Kona and the Big Island offer the best Hawaii Whale Watching Tours and give you the opportunity to see the great Whales in Hawaii.  Imagine being upclose to Hawaii Humpback Whales where only Hawaii Whale Watch Cruise can get you!  Whales in Hawaii are like no others!  Choose From The Big Island Of Hawaii, Oahu, Kona and Kauai to see these beautiful Hawaii Humpback Whales!  Order through Hawaiidiscount.com and save instantly.  If you're traveling to Kauai or the Big Island, you must see the beauty of Hawaii Humpback Whales or the other marine life and Whales in Hawaii!    What better way to complete your vacation to Kauai than with a lovely boat ride to see these wondrous creatures in their natural habitat right off the Kona coast.  Go to Hawaiidiscount.com and book your tours right now!