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Hawaii Big Island Snorkeling in Kona

There’s something for everyone when you go Snorkeling in Kona Hawaii! Get aboard the Body Glove and go snorkeling on the Big Island along the beautiful Kona Coast. You will see thousands of tropical fish, beautiful coral reefs, wild dolphins and you may even see endangered sea turtles on Big Island Snorkeling Tours.


You may choose to start your day with Dolphin Discoveries Morning as you go on a four-and-a-half hour adventure that will give you sightseeing, dolphin, whale watching and snorkeling in Kealakekua Bay.  After you tour the historic Kona Coast by boat, you will be welcome into the crystalline waters of the best marine sanctuary in Hawaii for an exploration of the undersea world.  As you are exploring, you will be joined by many species of tropical fish and you may see the occasional eel as well as a Hawaiian green sea turtle!!

If you aren’t a morning person, then come aboard the Body Glove for an afternoon tour and Big Island Snorkeling.  You will be snorkeling with thousands of sea turtles, brilliantly colored tropical fish, and wild dolphins in the coral reef gardens at Pawai Bay.  It will be a wonderful afternoon for the whole family and group of friends as you enjoy the deli lunch and the 15-foot waterslide. 

If you love discovering historic sights, and you want to have an once-in-a-lifetime experience, then you will have your pick of the litter of activities when you choose to go Snorkeling on the Big Island with Hawaii Discount! Whether you choose to go in the morning or afternoon, you will be seeing incredibly beautiful and historic sites as well as having the chance to go snorkeling with thousands of brilliantly colored tropical fish.

When you are Big Island Hawaii Snorkeling, don’t forget your camera so that you can document the incredible sights of the sea caves and lava tubes of the historic Kona Coast. Before you dive in to go snorkeling alongside them, you can snap pictures as you are watching the dolphins at play.  You can take pictures of yourself in snorkeling gear on the Nai’a Nui which will be taking you on the Lunch Snorkel & Dolphin Watch

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