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Maui Snorkeling Tours

Maui Snorkeling Tours 

Snorkeling in Maui is some of the best snorkeling in Hawaii!  Maui Snorkeling Tours offer instruction and provide the snorkel gear needed for your underwater adventure. View beautiful tropical fish and giant sea-turtles on any snorkel trip you choose.  Hawaii Discount can help you find the Maui Snorkel Tours and Molokini Snorkeling Tours that are best suited to you.

All snorkeling trips will depart from Maalaea Harbor and Lahaina Harbor.  As you travel to and from your snorkeling locations keep your eyes out for spinner and bottlenose dolphins as well as other marine life.  During whale watching season you may even see whales as you travel to your Maui snorkeling location.

There are several spectacular spots for snorkeling in Maui.  A popular location is Molokini Crater.  Molokini is an extinct volcano located 2 ½ miles off Maui's south coast.  About 250 species of fish, some found nowhere else on Earth, make these pristine waters their home. It is also know as one of the top ten dive sites in the world and has excellent viewing up to 150 feet. 

Several Maui Snorkel Tours stop at Turtle Arches.  Turtle Arches is located off the coast of Makena.  The green sea turtles here are used to snorkelers and will approach quite close.

Lanai, the pineapple island, also has great snorkeling.  Hulopoe Beach has a white sand beach and underwater coral formations. View numerous and colorful fish and one of a kind coral formations at this Hawaii Snorkeling location.

The Lanai Deluxe Landing Adventure features at least one off-shore snorkel site and a landing at Lanai at Manele Harbor. Travel to and from this destination on Explorer Super Rafts.  The Lanai Dolphin Adventure features two snorkel sites.  Travel for this Snorkeling in Maui Tour is also done on Explorer Super Rafts. The Deluxe Morning Snorkel takes you to Molokini and Turtle Town on a 40 foot power catamaran. The Lanai Adventure is a whole day free style excursion on the 149 passenger Spirit of Lahaina.  The Molokini and Turtle Arches Snorkel Adventure takes you to Molokini and Turtle Town. Aqua Adventure Snuba and Snorkel takes you to Molokini Crater and Turtle Town in a 2003 model twin engine high speed vessel.  This tour leaves later than the others but passes many of the tours on the way because she is so fast.  On the PWF Molokini and Lanai Snorkel Cruise snorkel at Molokini, Lanai and experience their exciting Wild Dolphin Encounter.

Many Maui Snorkeling Tours provide, drinks, snacks and lunch.  Snorkeling gear is also provided. We recommend that you bring sunscreen, towel and an underwater camera.  Underwater cameras are fun to capture the magnificent sights you will experience when snorkeling in Maui.  Please be sure to check the requirements and restrictions on all snorkel tours.  Some tours are great for the entire family yet some have age restrictions.  Hawaii Discount can help match you with the Maui Snorkel Tours that best meet your needs.

Maui Snorkel tours are a great way to experience Maui’s spectacular marine life.  There are all sorts of things to explore and encounter in Hawaii’s pristine waters. Whether you visit Lanai, Turtle Town or experience Molokini snorkeling, you will be guaranteed a fabulous view of tropical fish and other sea life.  Maui Snorkeling may be one of the highlights of your Hawaii Vacation.

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