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Cheap Surf Lessons in Maui

Maui Surfing Lessons

Catching a wave on Maui’s coast can be one of the most thrilling moments of Hawaii Vacations.  Maui Surfing is like no other in the world.   Maui Surfing is one of the most exciting Things To Do In Maui.  Hawaii Discount and Goofy Foot Surfing have Maui Surf Lessons at low prices. 

Learn Maui Surfing or take your current skills to the next level with Surfing Lessons offered by Hawaii Discount.  Goofy Foot Surfing has a variety of classes for Surfing in Maui. There is no age discrimination when it comes to Surfing in Maui.  If you are comfortable in the water then you can give Goofy Foot Surfing a try!  Most Maui Surf Lessons guarantee that you will stand and ride at least one wave in your first lesson or it is free. Book Cheap Surf Lessons in Maui with Hawaii Discount and experience great Surfing in Maui at great prices.

Beginner Maui Surfing Lessons teach easy methods for padding, navigating the line-up, timing and catching waves.  They also teach standing up, stance, board maneuvering, stopping, and even wiping out.  Private lessons will increase your wave count as you take surfing to the next level learning from your instructor’s undivided attention. 

Hawaii Discount offers several different options with Goofy Foot Surfing School.  The options include a two hour lesson (group or private), three hour lesson (group or private) or a six hour surf camp (group or private).  You can even schedule a private lesson with Tim Sherer, founder and resident master instructor of Goofy Foot. 

Hawaii Surf Lessons are the best way to conquer Hawaii’s waves.  Reserve your lesson with Hawaii Discount today and save money on the hottest Things to do in Maui.  Hawaii Discount has the best tours and activities for Hawaii Vacations.  When looking for Things to do in Maui look no further than Hawaii Discount for the best Hawaii Vacations.