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Maui Whale Watching Tours

Maui Whale Watching

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Maui Whale Watching Tours are one of the most popular Maui Activities from December to May. During this time Whale Watching in Maui is in full swing. If you are going to be in Hawaii during Whale Watching season then you have to book Maui Whale Watch Tours through Hawaii Discount. Whale Watching in Maui during this time frame has as many as 10,000 humpback whales visit Hawaiian waters.  Hawaii Discount has Hawaii Tours, Maui Activities and Maui Whale Watch tours for the entire family.

Watch a Video Taken During an Actual Maui Whale Watching Tour

Hawaii Discount offers several Maui Whale Watching Tours to view these mystical creatures. Whale Watching in Maui Tours and Maui Activities differ by time of day and boat. The Ocean Intrigue is a 65 foot double deck power catamaran. The Hokua is a 40-foot power catamaran that goes out for both afternoon and sunset Maui Whale Watch tours. If you need more speed when Whale Watching in Maui, then try Explorer Super Rafts. These rafts are fast and comfortable vessels that include shaded areas and on-board restrooms. 

These whales travel approximately 3,000 miles from their summer home in Alaska.  While in Hawaii they rely on their stored energy and do not eat.  They spend most of their time mating and giving birth.  When born, calves weigh an average of 3000 pounds and range from 10-16 feet in length. Adult whales weigh 25 to 40 tons so you can imagine seeing their presence when on a Maui Whale Watch.

Another highlight of these Maui Activities is not only are these marine mammals incredible to look at but their song is amazing as well.  Most Maui Whale Watching Tours provide hydrophones for listening to the whales as they communicate.  The humpback song is sung by the males.  It is made up of repeated themes and can last for up to 30 minutes.

No matter which of the Maui Whale Watching Tours you choose from all of them are great choices.  Encounter Whales on one of the Whale Watching in Maui Tours with Hawaii Discount.

Just wanted to drop a line to say we had a great time on the tour we loved the tour and saw lots of dolphins & whales the coast was amazing. Thank you - Marianne

Most Maui Whale Watching Tours guarantee whale sightings or you can return on another tour free of charge. Go Whale watching in Maui and you’ll see why we are so excited about these Hawaii Tours.

These creatures are absolutely amazing.  Don't miss your opportunity to experience a Maui Whale Watch.  Book your Maui Whale Watch Tour with Hawaii Discount and save money! Hawaii Discount has all of the best Hawaii Tours for a memorable Hawaiian vacation.