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Hawaii Whale Watching Tours

Oahu Whale Watching

For the best Oahu Tours and Oahu Whale Watching Tours in Hawaii go to Hawaii Discount. We have the best Oahu Whale Watching Tours at the lowest prices.  Hawaii Whale Watching Tours are very popular things to do in Hawaii during Whale Watch season. Reserve Oahu Whale Tours for your chance to see Oahu Humpback Whales. Hawaii Discount has a variety of Oahu tours to ensure you experience the most fun and unique things to do in Hawaii.

Hawaii Whale Watching Tours offer some of the most serene sightings of Oahu Humpback Whales from the safety and comfort of catamarans available through Hawaii Discount. Whether you’re trying to choose between the best Oahu Whale Tours or can’t decide which of the Oahu Tours offers the best viewpoints of the ocean; select with Hawaii Discount and save!

Oahu Whale Watching Tours are world-renowned for their elegance, comfort and luxury so don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime chance! The Oahu Whale Tours as chartered through Hawaii Discount give you a rare chance to see Oahu Humpback Whales up close! Whether you’re searching for the best Oahu Whale Tours or the most affordable Hawaii Whale Watching Tours, you won’t go wrong adding Hawaii Discount to your Oahu Tours agenda.

With a choice of four Oahu tours offering the best viewing of Oahu Humpback Whales, you can’t go possibly make the wrong choice!

The Star of Honolulu offers a five course feast along with complimentary champagne and cocktails to make your whale watching experience both an intensely romantic and unique occasion. Candlelit dinners followed by dancing to a live band afterwards turns up the heat on this catamaran and livens up the evening.

The Navatek offers a luncheon aboard its immense 140 foot boat, ensuring plenty of spacious room and windows, deck and chairs, for the elusive whale search.  The Navatek is the only cruise which goes around Diamond Head, offering a spectacular view of the multi-million dollar Kahala Gold Coast, Hawaii Kai and Koko Head! Whether you want to listen to the naturalist narrate the tour or if you want to tour the complex technology behind whale searching yourself, the Navatek is the best choice for those who like to ride in ultimate luxury.

The North Shore is highly acclaimed for having the most whale sightings than any other Oahu locale and gliding along its coastline in the 40 foot catamaran belonging to North Shore Catamaran makes both your whale watching tour a comfortable as well as a satisfying one.  In the past season alone, over 700 humpback whale sightings have been logged and a whale watching tour with North Shore Catamaran is sure to be a crowd pleaser as its captain explains the history behind Oahu while he searches for the whales for you!

No matter which Oahu Whale Watching Tour you choose to go on, you can be assured of the “whale” check the different Oahu Whale Tours gives; if you don’t spot Oahu Humpback Whales on your initial tour, you are invited aboard at no charge until you spot a humpback whale!  Whether you are looking for the best Hawaii Whale Watching Tours to highlight that special occasion or the most affordable Oahu Whale Tours to take, remember Hawaii Discount is sure to help you with all of your Oahu Tours.  When planning things to do in Hawaii, contact Hawaii Discount for help with your Oahu Tours.

The shipping charters who sponsor these Oahu Whale Tours humbly ask you to respect the serenity of the environment and assist in responsible tourism by keeping all noise to a minimum while on any of the Hawaii Whale Watching Tours. Please remember to bring your camcorder or still camera, contacts and glasses or any other personal items with you on these Oahu Whale Watching Tours; dress appropriately and respect the environment you’re in. As common as Oahu Tours are, it’s less common to spot Oahu Humpback Whales; with Hawaii Discount, we can turn your Hawaii trip into an Oahu Whale Watching Adventure!  Come see why whale watching is one of the most popular things to do in Hawaii.