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North Shore Shark Encounters

North Shore Shark Encounters is one of Hawaii Shark Cage Diving Tours in Oahu. Save on North Shore Shark Ecounters and other Hawaii Discount Activities.

Sharks are the most dangerous animal on the planet. Hawaii Shark Cage Diving Tours allows you to see a shark up close. North Shore Shark Encounters is spectacular! Oahu Shark Cage Tours is Oahu elite attraction! Hawaii Shark Encounters is awesome! Hawaii Vacation Packages are grand and tremendous! Hawaii Discount Activities is fabulous!


Hawaii Shark Cage Diving Tours is magnificent! North Shore Shark Encounters are superb. Oahu Shark Cage Tours is excellent! Hawaii Shark Encounters is better than theme parks! Hawaii Vacation Packages are packed with fun and enjoyment. Hawaii Discount Activities has a ticket for you!


Let your Hawaii Shark Adventure begin! On the North Shore Shark Encounters, you'll see the beauty and splendor of Hawaii’s sharks as they rise from the depths to greet you. This thrilling experience, offered nowhere else in Hawaii, will profoundly affect your feelings towards sharks, as you join them 3 miles off Oahu’s beautiful North Shore. Don't miss his incredible experience. Set Sail for Shark and Sea Life Fun!

You'll leave Haleiwa (Oahu/North Shore) and travel out to sea to view these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. Often on the way you'll also see dolphins, Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles and magnificent Humpback Whales (November through May).2 out of the 4 sides of the cage have plexiglass for close-up encounters! Guaranteed shark encounter or you get your money back!

On your shark adventure you may encounter Gray Reef sharks, Galapagos and Sandbar sharks. Occasionally there have been visits from mysterious Tiger and Hammerhead sharks. This adventure has been featured on BBC,  ESPN and on Wildlife TV. Bring underwater cameras! Those who do not wish to participate can watch the sharks from the boat and pay reduced price!

The myth of the great white shark is lurking in the waters. Hawaii Shark Cage Diving Tours is a chance to catch a glimpse of history. North Shore Shark Encounters is fun! Oahu Shark Cage Tours are incredible! Hawaii Shark Encounters are legendary. Hawaii Vacation Packages provides relaxation and peace! Hawaii Discount Activities is not a fairy tale but an exciting time!