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Ala Wai Canal

Ala Wai Canal

The Ala Wai Canal is fresh waterway in Honolulu Hawaii. The Ala Wai Canal in Honolulu is the waterway that is the western entrance to Waikiki.

The Ala Wai Canal created in 1928, was  for the purpose of draining the rice paddies which eventually became what is know know as the   tourist resort area of Waikiki and today also serves as the main drainage corridor for the central Honolulu in Hawaii. There are several Oahu Tours in this area and all the Hawaii Tours and attractions can be researched on Hawaii Discount which is the leader in Hawaii activities and tours.

The Ala Wai Canal in Honolulu runs northwest of Kapahulu Avenue along Waikiki which ends into the Pacific Ocean. There are bridges that cross the Ala Wai Canal in Honolulu. These bridges cross the canal at McCully Street, Ala Moana Boulevard, and Kalakaua Avenue. Ala Wai Boulevard runs parallel to the Ala Wai canal along its length on the left bank of the river.

Once this canal in Honolulu was completed, the land was reclaimed and resulted which is now the most famous tourist and beach area in the world – Waikiki, Honolulu. The walkway along the Ala Wai Canal is well-lit and perfect for Hawaii activities such as jogging, strolling, and relaxing among other Oahu Activities. On many afternoons outrigger crews can be seen practicing along this beautiful waterway in Honolulu

Besides the Oahu attractions, the Hawaii Convention Center, Hawaii golf courses, and condominiums line the long stretch of the Ala Wai canal waterway all the way to the Pacific ocean where it finally empties into the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor.

If you are interested in visiting the Ala Wai Canal take these directions. First, The Ala Wai Canal is the main entrance to Waikiki. Ala Moana Boulevard, Kalakaua Avenue, and McCully Street all cross the canal leading to and from this popular tourist area. Ala Wai Boulevard borders the Western and Southern edge of the Canal.

There is no swimming for fishing allowed at the Ala Wai Canal, but there are plenty of Hawaii activities and things to see at this Hawaii landmark.