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Helicopter Tours Big Island Hawaii

Big Island Helicopter Tours

The best way to see all of Hawaii is from the air with Hawaii Big Island Helicopter Rides. Hawaii Discount has the top Hilo Helicopter Tours and Hawaii Volcano Tours.When chartering one of the Big Island Helicopter Tours with Hawaii Discount, you can see more of Hawaii at a discounted price! Whether you want to go on the best Hawaii Big Island Helicopter Rides for the thrill or enjoy having a bird’s eye view of the Hawaii Volcano Tours you can charter a Helicopter Tours Big Island Hawaii. Hilo Helicopter Tours and Hawaii Discount have teamed up with Kona Helicopter Tours to give you the best Hawaii Tours for your money! Contact Hawaii Discount for the best Hilo Helicopter Tours, Kona Helicopter Tours and Hawaii Volcano Tours.


With one of our premier Big Island Helicopter Tours, you’re sure to fly in luxury as you tour over the Big Island.  You have your choice of either Hilo Helicopter Tours or Kona Helicopter Tours to satisfy your thirst for adventure! With Hawaii Discount, you can’t beat both our price and assurance of a fabulous time in the air!

See more of Hawaii’s remarkable landscape with Big Island helicopter tours. You’ll soar above waterfalls, through tropical rainforests, along gorgeous coastlines, over active volcanoes on a Hawaii volcano tours. Hawaii discount offers both Hilo helicopter tours and Kona helicopter tours.

Hilo helicopter tours are popular for their spectacular views of the mighty Kilauea, one of the most active volcanoes on Earth. See lava flows and other volcanic activity too fantastic to describe on Hawaii Volcano Tours. Then, for a change of scenery, you fly over a Big Island waterfall. The view of these natural spectacles is amazing from the sky – you have to see them to believe, and the only way to do it is with Helicopter Tours Big Island Hawaii. For more information about Hawaii volcanoes, visit the Hawaii Volcano Observatory.

In addition to the spectacular view of Kilauea, you could see the gorgeous Kohala coast, what many consider to have the most spectacular scenery on the Big Island.  You’ll see towering sea cliffs open up into dramatic valleys of the Kohala Mountains where beautiful waterfalls pour thousands of feet into lush rainforests. You can even see remnants of ancient Hawaiian civilization!

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Chartering one of our Hawaii Big Island Helicopter Rides means you get to experience more than the average person does on their Hawaiian vacation. Whether you charter Kona Helicopter Tours for your own group or feel like experiencing the excitement of flying over active volcanoes with Hilo Helicopter Tours, you won’t go wrong choosing one of the several Helicopter Tours Big Island Hawaii packages through Hawaii Discount!

Taking one of the Big Island Helicopter Tours is an ideal way to experience the intimacy of Hawaii Tours without the crowds. When booking a Hawaii Big Island Helicopter Rides package through Hawaii Discount, you’re assured of the quality of the helicopter, the experience of the pilot as both a pilot and as a tour guide and the adventure of flying over Big Island Hawaii in your own chartered Helicopter Tours Big Island Hawaii. With both Kona Helicopter Tours and Hilo Helicopter Tours, the adventure turns average Hawaii Volcano Tours into something spectacular!  Reserve the best Hawaii Tours with Hawaii Discount.

Group Hawaii Tours
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  Paradise Helicopters  Helicopter tours from the Hilton Turtle Bay Resort, Paradise Helicopters is the only tour company on the North side of the island.
  Blue Hawaii Helicopters  Since its founding in 1985, Blue Hawaiian has grown to be Hawaii’s premiere helicopter tour company, with a dedication to the comfort and safety of its passengers that is the benchmark of the industry.
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