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Hawaii Discount was born in 2001, but was conceived when CEO and founder John Fradella traveled to Hawaii in 1996. There, he was captivated by the beauty of Hawaii. On his trip he discovered that each of the Islands had their own flavor; Oahu’s Waikiki city atmosphere, Maui’s hint of old Hawaiian towns, and Kauai’s beautiful scenery and the Big Island’s diversity. Yet on John’s first trip to Hawaii he was unprepared and did not do his homework about Hawaii Activities. Along the way John found himself in what is an “activity hut”. An activity hut sells timeshares and activities.  At the activity hut he was shipped in and shipped out. John left feeling overwhelmed about having to make quick decisions. Not being able to think through the logistics he lost time because the activities that were chosen were farther away than expected.
Hawaii-Tours-John.jpgAfter the experience of a lifetime John left to go back home to Charleston, South Carolina. He was dismayed at the amount of money he spent. John, a hard working assistant manager of a paint store, spent $5,000 in Hawaii tours and Hawaii activities. He never wanted anyone to experience the poor service and the poor prices of the activity hut. Shortly after, John, decided to make an informational website about Hawaii and the Hawaii activities that it offers.. Once he started gathering information on Hawaii activities and Hawaii tours a new idea formed. What if he could sell Hawaii activities online? This led him to make another trip to Hawaii where he visited and talked to over 300 companies. John set up contracts with all of the companies on a commission basis. Hawaii Discount was formed. Now we discount our Hawaii activities and tours to make sure the customer gets the best price they can. did not come easily though. In the very beginning the site failed over seven times for various reasons. Finally, John had a chance meeting with Kim Turok. The two teamed up; Kim knew websites and John knew Hawaii. Before that, was a one man show. Kim had the challenge of convincing John to let go of responsibilities that mired him in the minutia of daily operations. Kim wanted to automate those tasks, and bring in others to perform those jobs. By allowing technology and other people to help, John was free to pursue other opportunities to grow the company.

Hawaii-Tours-3.jpgThis family company started at 200 activities and with two people. Now it has grown to over 400 activities and 17 people employed at Hawaii Discount. In Hawaii the family is celebrated and referred to as “ohana”. Hawaii Discount celebrates ohana as several of the employees are related. The Head of Sales is the daughter of the Accountant. The CEO and Social Media Analyst are brother and sister. We pride ourselves in the simple things; family, laughter, and vacation. Here at Hawaii Discount we are always growing, expanding, and looking towards the future. Our goal in the near future is to package airfare, hotels, and activities at one low price to make it easier for our clients.
Here are a couple customer testimonies:
Aloha John,
I had the great pleasure of being handed a very large task of securing a package of a Luau, mini tour, entertainment and transportation for a group representing KPMG of Hawaii. Although daunting at first pass, Jamie relieved my fear of how do I get this done within minutes. Jamie is someone who truly understands your business and has outstanding  "customer service skills". I know I am telling you something you already know but I wanted to make sure you and Jamie fully understand how deeply I appreciate everything your company has done for us up to this point.
Wishing you a wonderful and successful 2013.
With Aloha and respect,
Danny LaTendresse
KPMG - State of Hawaii IE Project
Hello Hawaii Discount:

I just wanted to thank you for making our trip to Oahu such a great experience! You recommended the best places (as you said you would). The Sea Life Park experience was incredible, the Arizona Memorial Trip was also quite an experience (and sad, but that's what it inspires), and Germaine's Luau was a great way to end our stay in Hawaii! I would definitely book with you again! It's too bad you don't do any mainland tours or else I'd deal with you more often! You care about your customers and it showed! I'll never forget my experience in Oahu! I am planning to try Kauai or Maui in a few years so you'll be hearing from me then!

Baltazar M. Jr, West Garden Grove, CA

Every experience, from battling the activity huts to helping our satisfied customers has made Hawaii Discount into what we are today; Hard working, helping, and caring. We are dedicated to helping our clients have the very best Hawaii Vacation. Hawaii Discount is constantly reviewing the activities offered on its sites so we offer only the very best tours and activities at low prices. We value your input. Please contact Hawaii Discount toll free at 866-482-9775 for any question or concerns.

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