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Hawaii ATV Tours

Hawaii ATV Tours 

Hawaii ATV tours are great fun for off-road driving fans. Hop on an ATV (or share one with a friend or family member) and venture deep into Hawaii's rainforests, valleys and ranchlands, into areas that are off limits to regular cars. Drive along dirt roads and through streams and mud pools and enjoy scenic views along the way.

Explore Oahu's Ka'a'awa Valley where many Hollywood blockbusters have been filmed in the past, ride the rim of the Big Island's gorgeous Waipio Valley, rumble along dirt trails on Kauai and visit a hidden waterfall, or drive through an active cattle ranch on Maui. Hawaii Discount offers great deals on a huge selection of ATV tours on the four main Hawaiian islands. These tours are very popular, so get your tickets today!

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Featured Oahu ATV Tours

Kualoa Ranch ATV Tours
From: $61.57
You save: $12.43
Duration: 1-2 hours

Venture deep into the jungle, up on mountain trails that pass World War II bunkers, through lush forests and into a green valley surrounded by the Ko'olau Mountain Range.

Featured Maui ATV Tours

Kahoma Ranch ATV Tours
From: $130.64
You save: $18.74
Duration: 2.5 hours

Enjoy an ATV tour at Kahoma Ranch. Drive your ATV on private dirt roads and paths and through an active cattle pasture.

Featured Kauai ATV Tours

Kipu Ranch Adventures - Waterfall Picnic ATV Tour
From: $141.00
You save: $22.54
Duration: 4 hours

Kipu Ranch is a 3,000 acre property extending from the Huleia River to the top of Mt. Haupu. It is home to many movie sites and wildlife! Enjoy a fun ATV tour across the ranchlands.

Kauai ATV - Waterfall Tour
From: $146.00
You save: $23.79
Duration: 4 hours

This is a fun-filled off-road ATV adventure to TWO private waterfalls! Ride on your own or take along friends or family members. Hike through a bamboo forest and swim in a refreshing waterfall pool.

Featured Big Island ATV Tours

Ride the Rim - Waipio Valley ATV Adventure
From: $158.00
You save: $28.46
Duration: 3 hours

This is an exciting ATV adventure along the rim of scenic Waipio Valley. Enjoy views of 3,000-foot cliffs and majestic waterfalls.

ATV Outfitters Hawaii - Big Island Waterfall and Rainforest Adventure
From: $158.40
You save: $27.60
Duration: 2 to 2.5 hours

On this ATV tour you will ride at about 300 feet from sea level to 3,000 feet high into the oldest rainforest on the Big Island. Ride under canopies of trees, cross several mountain streams and visit a beautiful waterfall.

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