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Parasailing in Hawaii

Oahu Parasailing

Parasailing is one of the most popular watersports in Hawaii. Enjoy spectacular aerial views and feel free like a bird as you soar above the water’s surface. Oahu parasailing tours take place either along Waikiki Beach or Maunalua Bay. Both locations offer spectacular views of Oahu’s south shore.

Parasailing is a fun blend of hang gliding and water skiing that is distinctively suited to the Hawaiian experience. You'll be secured to a parachute, tied to a long tether and take off into the deep blue Hawaiian skies. Reserve your Oahu parasailing tour through Hawaii Discount for great savings! 

Paradise Watersports - Oahu Parasailing
From: $53.98
You save: $8.85
Duration: 5-10 minutes flight time

Go parasailing along Waikiki Beach! Marvel at the sights of Diamond Head and the Waikiki shoreline as you sail hundreds of feet above the sparkling blue ocean.

SeaBreeze Watersports - Oahu Parasailing
From: $50.10
You save: $7.35
Duration: 8-15 minutes flight time

A fun parasailing tour in Maunalua Bay, a great watersports destination on Oahu's south shore.


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