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Oahu Sailing

On your Hawaii Trip go on Oahu Sunset Sailing Tours with Hawaii Discount and Oahu Sailing Charters such as Maitai Catamaran.  Set your time and place for your Oahu Sailing Tours today and save on Oahu Vacations with Hawaii Discount.

Oahu Sailing Tours are no longer meant just for couples but also families! While on these Oahu Sailing Tours, take a moment and enjoy the breathtaking sunset from your seat on one of the Oahu Sailing Charters, comfortably floating on the Pacific Ocean.

Sailing is one of the popular things to do in Hawaii.  Make your Hawaii Trip memorable with a sunset sail. Whether you’re looking for a romantic evening set adrift on the Maitai Catamaran or one of the other Oahu Sunset Sailing Tours offered by Hawaii Discount, you’re sure to be pleased with the selection and prices on Oahu Sailing Charters for your Hawaii Trip.  It’s sailing at its best when you book relaxing Oahu Sunset Sailing Tours using a company known for the best Oahu Sailing Tours - Maitai Catamaran.

Hawaii Discount and Maitai Catamaran offer a sunset tour as well as a moonlit cruise for the romantics. The 44- foot Maitai Catamaran is large enough for spacious entertaining but small enough for intimate gatherings.  The Maitai’s newly designed boat was created specifically for the shores off of Waikiki Beach! You have a chance to enjoy complimentary beverages while watching one of the world’s most beautiful sunsets or watching the moon light dance over the shimmering Pacific waters.  Either way, this is sure to entice and rekindle those old flames of romance in a quiet setting.

North Shore Catamaran creates a tranquil setting while sailing around the famed North Shore of Oahu. Relax, enjoy complimentary drinks and enjoy the warm evening air as this 40 foot catamaran sleepily takes you though some of Oahu’s most beautiful evening spots. For two hours, North Shore’s well trained quiet, discreet staff will handle your every need so you can relish in the solitude this catamaran offers. At 40 feet, it’s large enough for parties but since it only holds up to 20 people, you know your parties will be intimate.

Oahu Sailing, as offered by Hawaii Discount, goes where other charter companies have tried and failed; giving the customer peaceful Oahu Sunset Sailing Tours aboard Oahu Sailing Charters. Whether you’re looking for optimal Oahu Sailing on the Maitai Catamaran or a relaxed Oahu Sailing pace aboard the North Shore Catamaran, Hawaii Discount gives everyone a clear choice in Oahu Sailing Charters for Oahu Vacations!


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