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5 Quiet Beaches to See During Your Spring Break in Hawaii

Are there any quiet beaches you can visit during spring break in Hawaii?

When you hear the words “spring break” the first thing that might spring to mind is images of young people drinking, partying, and engaging in wet T-shirt contests on the beach.

But what if you want to spend your spring break relaxing on a quiet and secluded beach – in paradise?

Many spring breakers head to more popular “spring break” destinations, such as Cancun or Daytona Beach. So a quiet vacation is definitely possible if you’re taking your spring break in Hawaii.

Here are 5 quiet beaches to see during your spring break in Hawaii:

1. Makua Beach, Oahu

One of the quietest beaches in Oahu, Makua Beach offers the white palm-tree setting that you can find all across the islands. And it also offers some incredibly scenic views of the surrounding Waianae Mountain Range.

Like many of the secluded beaches in this island state, Makua Beach doesn’t have lifeguards or amenities. Luckily for you relaxed spring breakers, this is why it also doesn’t see very many tourists.

Make the most of this chilled-out beach during spring break, which is easily accessible via the Farrington Highway.

2. Makalawena Beach, the Big Island

Located close in the Kekaha Kai State Park, Makalawena Beach is a stunning beach with white sand, perfect palm trees, and a shallow lagoon.

This beach is great for swimming and snorkeling.

Because this beach is so secluded and quiet, though, you do have to work a bit harder to get there. In fact, you will need a four-wheel drive for this journey.

To reach Makalawena Beach, take Highway 19 to a dirt road between the mile markers for 88 and 89. You will need to park in the State Park before hiking along some lavarock trails from Kakaha KaiBeach to finally reach Makalawena Beach.

Like many other beaches mentioned here, it has no lifeguards or amenities…which is why it’s so quiet.

3. Kauapea Beach, Kauai

Known as “Secret Beach,” Kauapea Beach is located on the north shore of the island of Kauai between Kalihiwai Bay and the Kilauea National Wildlife Refuge.

This unique beach has black lava rocks, white sand, a 15-foot-high waterfall, and unforgettable views of the Kilauea Lighthouse.

Take the Kuhio Highway to reach Kauapea Beach. This will take you to “Secret Beach Road.” You can then park at the parking lot and take a 15-minute hike to the beach.

There are no lifeguards or amenities at Kauapea Beach.

4. Black Sand Beach, Maui

The Big Island isn’t the only island with a black sand beach – you can experience a unique perspective on Maui’s incredible landscape at Maui’s own Black Sand Beach.

This beach is located in the heart of the island’s rainforest in Waianapanapa State Park. When you arrive at Black Sand Beach in Maui you will feel like you have really discovered something special.

To reach the beach, you will have to hike on ocean rocks with steep dips. This beach does not have any lifeguards or amenities. Also note that the waters here can have strong currents.

5. Waipio Valley Beach, The Big Island

Unspoiled and rugged, Waipio Valley Beach on Hawaii’s Big Island is unlike any other beach you will experience in Hawaii.

Surrounded by 2,000-foot-high cliffs, the beach is very difficult to get to. In fact, you need to take a difficult three-mile-long trek in order to reach the beach. However, it will be well worth it.

When you reach Waipio Valley Beach you can enjoy beautiful white sand, turquoise waters, and a waterfall right there on the beach.

Very few tourists make it this far, so it’s definitely one of the more secluded spots on the island.


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