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6 Must-Visit Oahu Towns and Villages

There are more Oahu towns than just Honolulu.

This island is one of the most densely populated islands of Hawaii and is home to some of Hawaii’s most exciting towns and villages.

The island is also home to some of Hawaii’s largest hubs, including Honolulu and Waikiki.

But if you are looking smaller communities to visit with more character and interest, then here are 6 towns and villages we really think you should head to in Oahu:

1. Kaimuki

This small but urban Oahu town is located close to the Diamond Head Crater and the famous city resort of Waikiki.

Kaimuki has a great selection of some of the best restaurants and bars on the island. Enjoy brunch, lunch and dinner along Waialae Avenue, the town’s main street, before enjoying an evening of cocktails in some of the island’s most lively bars.

2. Hau’ula

If you want to find a laid back hub with all of the amenities of a town – but with excellent landscape and access to the countryside of Oahu – then Hau’ula could be the spot for you.

Located close to Hau’ula Beach Park, which has excellent camping facilities as well as a beautiful beach, the small and rural town is part of a bigger outdoor-style holiday on the famous island.

3. Kahuku

If you like shrimp, then head to Kahuku.

Most of the streets of this small town on the northeastern shore of Oahu is full of shrimp trucks, selling delicious, locally sourced shrimp.

The town is also surrounded by fun resorts and farms. So there are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities to do in the town, from horse riding and beachcombing to bar hopping.

4. Pearl City

This town is home of the famous Pearl Harbor surprise attack that started the Second World War for the United States.

The town of Pearl City is the place to go if you want to visit this historic site and town life.

Located just 11 miles from the larger city of Honolulu, you can take a tour of Pearl Harbor and explore its the nearby historic city of Honolulu in just one day.

5. Waimanalo

This small Oahu town is located on the windward coast, on the southeastern part of the island.

Known mostly for its long white, sandy beach, the town is a hidden gem on the island, with very few tourists discovering its quiet beaches and quaint shops and restaurants.

Worlds away from some of the island’s more touristic destinations, you can get a taste for a real Hawaiian town with all of the benefits of a vacation in Waimanalo.

6. Kaneohe

Set on the other side of the mountains of Waikiki, Kaneohe is a shore-side neighbourhood with islands and valleys to explore and enjoy.

It’s also home to the stunning Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden, which features quiet and peaceful temples and a range of tropical plants and flowers. The peaceful, rural town also has some of the best views of the island. With dramatic panoramic views at every turn.


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