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Pride of America Nawiliwili, Kauai

There are many different activities for you to do in Kauai.  The Pride of America arrives into Nawiliwili, Kauai around 8 am and departs around 2 pm the NEXT day.  We recommend renting a car on this island if you do not want to take a bus tour or if you want to see the North part of the island around Princeville.

If you are interested in taking a tour that PICKS UP AT THE PORT please check out our site is dedicated to just bus tours.  We offer several tours on this site. All these tours pickup from your Port on the Shore Excursions in Hawaii site They are listed below

Hawaii Movie Tour

Journey to Waimea Canyon

Waimea Canyon, Wailua River, & Grotto Tour

Hanalei Tour

All of the tours below provide pickup as well as drop off from your ship, the Pride of America.

Again, these can all be ordered on our sister site and alll other activities are offered here, on

IMPORTANT: Below we will give you an overview of Hawaii activities and tours as well as your options. We will also provide a price comparison of Norwegian Cruise Line’s Pride of America for when they offer the activity.  Please note: give yourself time to get to the activities on time!  Many of these activities have more than one check in time.  Choose the check in time where you will not cut it close to arriving to the activity on time or making it back to the ship on time. If you have any questions, please call us anytime at 866-482-9775. You may also order online by choosing the activity type you would like and then the specific activity.

Below is a list of Kauai Activities and Tours that you can do while in Kauai.

Kauai ATV ToursThere are 2 companies in Kauai that offer ATV tours; Kauai ATV tours is a 25 minute cab ride from the ship and Kipu Ranch Adventures is 15 minutes away. Pride of America offers the Kauai ATV Waterfall Tour which they call the Mudbug.  Get down and dirty for $399.00 per mudbug which holds 2 passengers. Our cost is only $287.20. It is important to remember to give yourself plenty of time to get to your activity!  If you decide to order this specific tour, order the 12 pm tour! As with many of the tours, there are restrictions for such things as weight and age. Kauai ATV also offers the Koloa Tour which is 3 hours in duration. You can do this tour the day you arrive.  It begins at 1 pm. Kipu Ranch Adventures offers 2 ATV tours and they are only a 15 minute cab ride away from the cruise ship.  Kipu Ranch Adventures offers a 4 hour waterfall Picnic Tour and a 3 hour Mountain Tour. Either tour can be done on your first day of arrival (as long as you choose the later tour) or you can do both tours your second day in Kauai in the morning. 

Waimea Canyon Bicycle RideThis tour is 25 minutes from the cruise ship.  You can easily make the 2:30 pm tour on your first day in Kauai or the 6 am tour on your second day. Pride of America does not offer this tour!

Wailua River and Fern Grotto TourThis activity can be done on either day.  With the exception of November, December and January, we recommend doing this tour the day you arrive at the 3:30 pm time. We recommend this time because after you have completed the tour you can walk to the best luau in Kauai, Smiths Luau. If you do not want to attend the luau then anytime on the first day and anytime in the morning on the second day you are in Kauai will be fine to schedule this tour. Norwegian Cruise Lines offers this tour at $69 a person. offers it at only $18.00 per person!  If you have rented a car you should make time for this tour. It is about 20 minutes away from your cruise ship, Pride of America.

Kauai Helicopter ToursThere is really only one main option for your Helicopter tour.  NCL Pride of America offers the Mokihana Helicopter tour at $269 plus tax and fuel fees. This is a 50 minute tour and is out of Lihue.  We offer the same helicopter flight for $190.  The flight route is the same, and checks in is also out of Lihue Airport which is only about 15 minutes away from your Hawaii cruise ship.

On your first day in Kauai you can take this tour anytime after 9 am.  If you go on the second day, you can take advantage of the Early Bird Special which is only $180.50 per person. The early bird special is the 8 am tour.  There are also options for “first class” seating which Pride of America’s shore excursions does not offer.  Even our First Class seating which are the front seats beside the pilot are only $233.00 per person which is still much less than Pride of America’s seating offered. We link you directly to the activity for the Kauai Helicopter tour options because there is only one. Be sure to look at the pictures of the seating on the page to give you an idea of the interior of the Helicopter.  Sunshine has a perfect record and a top helicopter company representing not only Kauai, but the Big Island and Maui as well. The helicopters used are the FX Star, the newest touring helicopters with large windows for excellent viewing and photo opportunities.  Check out the Ultimate Kauai Adventure and save. Remember to book early!

Kauai Horseback Riding There is one option for horseback riding offered by the Pride of America.  They call it simply “Kauai Horseback Riding”.  It is a 1 ½ hour horseback tour priced at $159 per adult. If you want to go horseback riding in Kauai, you will need to rent a car. We offer pickup at the pier. Just choose Kauai-Pier as your pickup location. The location of the horse stables are in Princeville which are about 30 miles away, but you should give yourself 1 hour and 15 minutes.  The tours are exactly the same. The only difference is the price. We offer this Kauai horseback riding tour for $126.56. We highly recommend going the day you port into Kauai and choose the 12 pm or 1 pm time.  After the horseback riding tour check out the North Shore of Kauai in your car. Princeville is beautiful and you can even do some hiking on your own or rent a kayak and go down the Hanalei River. That is something you cannot do if you order through the Pride of America because they take you straight back to the ship.  You can do the horseback tour on the 2nd day, but it would have to be the 8 am tour. We recommend going the first day you arrive in Kauai.

Kauai KayakingAgain NCL Pride of America only offers one Kayak Tour. offers eight tours, but due to the location of the Hawaii cruise ship we recommend two. We offer the same tour Pride of America offers; Pride of America calls it The Jungle Falls by Kayak. This tour is also known as the Hidden Valley Falls Kayak and Hike with Outfitters Kauai.  You may wonder why the names are different. We believe it is to confuse you so you have a harder time price comparing. If you order through the Pride of America, you will pay at least $119. Our price is $103.42 for the Picnic Kayak Tour which again is the same tour. Choose the 10 am time the day you arrive and you can check in walking distance from the ship.  Check in for this activity is only about 200 yards away.

If you are looking for something a little different, choose the Wailua River Kayak Tour. You may choose the 12 pm option on your first day or the 7:15 am option on your second day. Check in is 8.2 miles from the Hawaii cruise ship, Pride of America. There are always taxis available to pick you up at all the ports.

Kauai Backroads AdventureNCL Pride of America offers the Kauai Backroads Adventure. This is a Four Wheel Drive and Hiking Adventure.   Norwegian Cruise Lines offers this tour for $89 per adult and $59 per child. offers this tour from $74.80 per adult and children are only $47.00. We recommend the 1 pm tour the day you arrive or the 8 am tour the day you depart. This activity is only 3 miles from your cruise ship.

Kauai Luaus – The best luau on Kauai is Smith’s Luau. This luau is 20 minutes from your cruise ship.  NCL runs its own luau just for the Pride of America. It is called Luau Kalamaku and is $99 an adult. We recommend that you experience the oldest in Kauai, Smith’s Luau. For the months of February through May as well as September and October, this luau is held on Thursday’s.  If you are in Kauai during these months, don’t miss Smith’s Luau!  Smiths Luau is also $20 less per adult! For an additional plus, you can stroll through the Smith’s Gardens before you enter the luau and see peacocks as well as amazing gardens views. The other luau we offer is 30 minutes away. The Grand Hyatt Luau is a fantastic luau and is held on Thursdays. It is 84.50 per person. Overall Smiths luau is the most popular luau.

Kauai Stand Up Paddle Board Tour – offers Stand Up Paddle Board Lessons.  Check in is at the small boat shack associated with your cruise ship (Nawiliwili Harbor).  It is less than a five minute walk away.  The only time you can do this activity is on the 2nd day in Kauai. Check in is at 9:15 am and you will be finished with the tour at 1 pm.  Stand Up Paddle Boarding is great fun and the new surfing!

Poipu Beach Surfing Lessons – This surfing activity offered by NCL Pride of America is 14 miles or about 30 minutes away. The Norwegian Cruise Line offers this tour for $99 a person. We offer it for $69.99 per person. You can go on the first day at 10 am or later or on the second day in Kauai you can go at 8 am or 10 am. If you want to do this activity, rent a car! With a car, you can go see the sights of Kauai and do things at your leisure so as to not be taken straight back to port. You will have time to see Waimea Canyon or see the North Shore if you rent a car.

Tubing Adventure – Tubing the Ditch with Kauai Backcountry Adventures. This activity books well in advance and you should too! Choose the 10 am, 1 pm or 2 pm tour on the day you arrive or the 8 am tour on the day you depart. Lunch is also offered on this tour and you have your choice of a Turkey or Veggie lunch. An NCL Pride of America shore excursion offers the Tubing Adventure for $149 per adult.  We off the exact same tour for just $92.00! That is quite a difference in price to be no difference in activity!  This activity is only 4 miles away from your port.  This is a great activity to do with the family. Be sure to check out the restrictions including age and weight.

Kauai Zipline is the expert on Zipline tours. We know our Zipline tours on Kauai so well that we built two more sites dedicated just to them. These sites are and We know our zip lines!

Kauai Car Rentals - We offer pickup from the Pier.

NCL Pride of America offers what they call the Kauai Canopy Zip Line Adventure or what everyone else in Hawaii knows it as the Kauai Backcountry Zipline tour which is less than 5 miles from your cruise ship.  Check in location is the same as the Kauai tubing. Norwegian cruise line Pride of America offers this tour for $179 a person before tax. offers the same tour from $110.66. This is $65 LESS PER PERSON than NCL Pride of America charges or offers!

The available times for the Kauai Backcountry Zipline Tour are 10 am or later on the day you arrive, or you can do the 8 am on the day you depart.  You must book this tour in advance!  There are some restrictions as with many of the different Hawaii activities and Hawaii tours so please read the information and restrictions. This is the closest Kauai Zipline tour to your cruise ship.

Another Kauai Zipline tour offered by NCL Pride of America is what they call the Zip & Splash or what is called by the company that offers the tour the Princeville Ranch Zip & Dip.  This is a fantastic zip line tour in Kauai.  If you choose this tour, you must choose the 12 pm or later time and do this on the day you arrive. You will also need to rent a car. This Hawaii activity is about 90 minutes away although Google Maps clocks it at around 45 minutes.  This tour offers 8 zip lines 1 suspension bridge, swimming, and even lunch. The Zip and Splash, as it is know by Norwegian Cruise Lines is offered for $169.00 in the low season not including taxes and fees. offers the exact same tour for $131.82. This Zipline is a great choice if you rent a car and want to see the North Side of Kauai such as Princeville which is the more “Jurassic Park” area of the island. In Princeville, you can also see the Kilauea Lighthouse and many great hiking locations which you can see or do after the Princeville Ranch Adventures Zip N Dip. Again, this is a great Zipline if you want to see as much as Kauai as possible.  If you rent the car for 2 days, the next morning you can go see the Waimea Canyon and make it back in plenty of time.  There is parking for your car overnight.

Another tour offered by the Pride of America is the Jungle Mountain Trek.  This is the same tour as the Zipline Safari except the Zipline Safari also offers kayaking. The pricing is similar but the Outfitters Kauai Zipline Safari is longer and again offers kayaking.  NCL Pride of America offers the tour for $180.00 and offers this tour for $177.99 which is almost the same price, but with us you get to kayak! Check in is walking distance from your ship; check in is at 8:15 am. You can only do this tour on the day you arrive into Kauai.  This tour includes lunch and is an all day tour.

Two other Kauai Zip Line Tours not offered by NCL Pride of America are the Nui Loa Zipline Trek which you can do at 11:30 am on the day you arrive. Lunch is included.  The check in is 12 miles or about 30 minutes away and is $134.66 Click on the link to the right for more information. Another Kauai zip line tour not offered by the NCL Pride of America is the Lele Eono with Outfitters Kauai; this is a shorter activity than the Nui Loa. This tour offers 5 zips and you can do this tour on the day you arrive at 2 pm. This activity is $102.64 per adult.

Kauai Snorkeling / Na Pali CoastNCL Pride of America offers a tour known just as the Na Pali Explorer. It is available April through November. Their price is $199 for adults. offers the Captain Andy’s 6 hour Na Pali Snorkel and Picnic Rafting adventure. Both of these activities are on rafts. Captain Andy’s tour operates from May through September and check in is at Kikiaola Harbor which is 1 hr away from your cruise ship.  You must go on the day you arrive to Kauai and you will need a rental car. Check in varies but is normally 12:30 pm. This is another great Hawaii activity if you want to explore the island. You can have a rental car pick you up at the pier and off you go! You can see Hanalei and Princeville before your check in time, and the drive is beautiful! You may want to keep your rental car overnight and check out Waimea Canyon or the Fern Grotto the second day you are in Kauai and have your car picked up at the port around 12:30pm.

Here is a recap of the points and some of the activities listed above. Choose the date that works best or is recommended. We highly recommend renting a car in Kauai. It is the best way to see the island. Kauai is small enough that you can see the island in 1 ½ days and still do some great activities. Book your activities through and SAVE BIG!

Book in Advance! This is very important.  There are 2000 people on the Pride of America and there are only 16 spots on some of the activities such as the Kauai Tubing.  Call us with any questions at 866-482-9775.

We believe Kauai is the best island of all the islands to do Hawaii activities if you are on the Norwegian Pride of America because of the location of your port, the time you have on the island, and the size of Kauai which is the smallest of the Hawaiian islands. Please read the activity information on the activity pages for additional or updated information.


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