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Cheap Surf Lessons in Maui

Maui Surfing Lessons

Learn how to surf on Maui or take your current skills to the next level by taking a surfing lesson. Goofy Foot offers a variety of surfing classes on Maui. Join a group lesson and learn the basic surfing techniques, from standing up on a surfboard, paddling, timing and board maneuvering, to catching a wave, stopping and even wiping out. Or take a private surf lesson, which increases your wave count and ensures your surfing instructor’s undivided attention. Goofy Foot even offers a Maui surf camp, which will get you up and riding in no time. Maui surfing lessons are suitable for surfers of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced surfers. Reserve your Maui surf lesson through Hawaii Discount for great savings!

Popular Maui Surfing Lessons

Goofy Foot - Surf Camp
From: $276.36
You save: $36.14
Duration: 6 hours

Participate in a fun Maui surf camp for a day, which will get you up and riding on a surfboard in no time. This surf camp is ideal for beginners!

Goofy Foot - 3 Hour Private Surfing Lesson
From: $311.29
You save: $53.29
Duration: 3 hours

Learn easy methods for paddling, navigating the line-up, timing and catching waves, standing up, stance, board maneuvering, stopping and even wiping out. This lesson is all it takes to learn the basic surfing fundamentals.

Goofy Foot - Private Lesson With Tim
From: $224.97
You save: $35.45
Duration: 2 hours

Founder and resident master instructor Tim Sherer has personally taught more than 30,000 beginner surfing students here on Maui. Learn to surf on Maui from one of the best!

Goofy Foot Surfing Lesson
From: $61.75
You save: $5.95
Duration: 2 hours

This is a great introductory group surf lesson, perfect for beginners. Try your hand at surfing on Maui and have a great time!

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