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Hanalei Bay,Kauai

Blue Dolphin Charters - Napali Raft Snorkel Tour
On this adventurous raft tour you will travel up the Na Pali coast where you will get to see dolphins, honu(turtles), and other marine life up close. You will adventure into sea caves and then snorkel while observing the fish and marine life in their natural habitat.
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In Hawaiian, Hanalei means “lei-shaped bay” which perfectly describes the gorgeous Hanalei Bay. Stretching at 2 miles (3.2 km) long, Hanalei Bay is the largest bay on the island of Kauai, with golden sands and cliffs that reflect into the gorgeous clear waters, it’s no wonder that it is one of Hawaii’s best beaches.

Not only will you enjoy the golden sands on Hanalei Bay, you can take in the beauty of the mist covered mountains that range anywhere from 1,000 feet to 4,000 feet (305 m to 1,219 m) in height along with breathtaking waterfalls that provide the perfect backdrop for anything beautiful. Just like the Japanese author, Haruki Murakami wrote in his short story called “Hanalei Bay”, there is no question that this is the place for both fun and beauty.

During the summer months, boats and yachts will anchor at the pier in the middle of the bay known as Hanalei Landing. Here, you can be in between the exciting coral reefs that grow at both ends of Hanalei Bay – Pu’u Poa Reef that sits at the left end, and Waikoko Reef that sits at the right end. In the middle of both these reefs are shallow sandbars with tiny patches of coral. All which are fun and exciting to see.

Hanalei Bay is great for many kinds of activities such as: kayaking, swimming, windsurfing, and yachting. Though one must be careful from mid-October through March when the bay area is subject to high surf, which can cause strong rip currents along with pounding shorebreaks during these winter months. It is not uncommon to see waves as high as 20 feet (6m). Near the center of the bay is the hot spot for surfers known as “Pinetrees” where the biggest waves usually occur.

On the northernmost part of Hanalei Bay, the water remains calmer and is the best spot for swimmers. During high surf conditions though, the beach is closed to swimming. The Waioli Stream flows into the bay on the west end where it collected chilly water from high up on the mountains.

At 2 miles long (3.2 m) and 125 feet wide (38 m), Hanalei Bay Beach is a great spot to enjoy one’s self. With plenty of white sand to go around, this beach has enough room for everyone to enjoy.

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